• Disable hardware prefetcher on 15h machine

    Hello,   I have a machine with four 6272 processors and I'm trying to disable the hardware prefetcher. From the BKDG for Family 15h, models 00h-0Fh (http://support.amd.com/TechDocs/42301_15h_Mod_00h-0Fh_BKDG.pdf...
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  • Implement Watchdog Driver for familly 14h(bobcat)

    Dear,   I am currently a new driver developer. I have to implement a watchdog for a card having a bobcat CPU.   First I need to understand what the watchdog is able to do? Why is there 2 watchdog(CPU,Nort...
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  • Kaveri iGPU P-State information is not documented in BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide (BKDG)

    I am working on a fork of AmdMsrTweaker on GitHub LogioTek/AmdMsrTweaker · GitHub  to try to add Kaveri iGPU P-State information/control but after scouring through http://support.amd.com/TechDocs/49125_15h_M...
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  • How do you access RAID array S.M.A.R.T data in SB950 ?  

    Hi there   How can I access hard disk S.M.A.R.T data for each hard disk in the SB950 when it i in RAID 10 Array - I'm using C# and C++   BTW I'm using UEFI "BIOS"   Sharp
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  • How to request access to upcoming Mantle beta?

    At the recent Game Developers Conference it was announced that access to the Mantle API and associated documents would be available via a beta program beginning in April.   Who should I contact to request access...
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  • Some issues on BIOS and Kernel Developer’s Guide (BKDG)

    Hi,   I am working on the low level interfaces of AMD kaveri APU. And I am studying the BKDG documents listed http://developer.amd.com/resources/documentation-articles/developer-guides-manuals/   The first...
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  • Direct3D 12 problem with Descriptor Table

    Hello GPU developers!   I came here to ask about a problem that I encounter with Direct3D 12. Since AMD has created this beautiful world of low-level graphics APIs for the PC, I think this is the right place to ...
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  • compilador asamblador

    Buenos días colegas. Les comento, ¿es posible la obtención de un compilador que genere código objeto específico para la familia de microprocesadores x86 mediante un código fuente ...
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  • Android x86 GPU driver legality and general porting questions

    Ever since I tried Android x86 operating system (from android-x86.org), there is a problem with it working on GCN-based video cards, I figured I am on my own in this regard (already downloading the source code - it's ...
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  • Where can I buy Carrizo?

    Hello, Where can I get/buy the Carrizo? Is there a desktop version of this APU?
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  • How does the Southbridge/Platform Controller chipset and Apps/OS work together

    Would anyone know how the chipset (Southbridge now called Platform Controller Hub) works with respect to a user mode application and the OS communications ? For example what is the role of the chipset when a user is t...
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  • printf bug still present in latest catalyst 15.7 driver

    printf("foo"); doesn't print   printf("foo %d", 0); does print
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  • KiStackFault problem

    Hi, i have observed a quite strange behavior of amd processors during Long Mode switch on Windows operating systems. In particular context processor generates #SS exception in situation when there is no reasons to th...
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  • A10 7850K Caches

    Hi, I found the L1 and L2 caches size for this processor to be 96kB and 2MB / core But I couldn't find the corresponding speed of thoses caches, is there a more complete specification for this APU to get thoses valu...
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  • Any datasheets for AMD GPU products?

    I am a developer. In order to access vital sensors inside the card, I need datasheets or technical papers that tells me the information about the internals of the GPUs. Like not just the HD7k series, but 6k 5k and low...
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  • Contrary to Mantle API Guide: grGetGpuInfo error with GR_INFO_TYPE_PHYSICAL_GPU_IMAGE_PROPERTIES

    I get GR_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE when I use grGetGpuInfo with GR_INFO_TYPE_PHYSICAL_GPU_IMAGE_PROPERTIES ( enum defined as 0x6104 ). OS : Win 8.1 x64 APU: A10-7800 Driver: Beta 15.3 ( 14.502.1014.0000 ) and Beta 15.5 (...
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  • Documentation for Radeon 9600xt

    Dear Members,   at first thanks for looking my question. I love it to do develop softwares and i started to develop for microcontrollers too(8051, avr). So i was interested if it would be able to connect my &mi...
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  • AMD Radeon low level programming resources

    Hello AMD Devs! I'm doing some low level (bare metal) programming for AMD's Cape Verde / Venus ASIC. I'm looking virtually everythere for low level technical manuals. For today the most needed thing is RAI for this ...
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  • TressFX Usage for PS4

    Hey, our team is looking to integrate in TressFX into UE4, specifically for PS4. Where would we start, and who would we talk to? I understand that this would require some sort of confirmation of developers status for ...
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  • L3 cache counter not available in Oprofile

    Hello, Using Oprofile-1.0.0 on my Opteron 6274 (15h), there is no stat for L3 cache. Technically Magny core products has L3 cache.   Please see the output of ophelp   [root@tiger exe]# ophelp oprofile: a...
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