• 2D Laplacian memory tiling

    Hello everyone,   I have a bit of a doubt and I hope someone can help me here. I've seen several examples for the 5-point stencil of the 2D laplacian, but usually in global memory (which I've already implemented...
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  • Hi444PP 1080p60 H.264 Decoding Support

    I have an AMD E8860 GPU and I am attempting to decode and render the Hi444PP H.264 profile of 1080p60 in a Windows 10 64-bit .NET application (WPF).  My software is deployed in a heterogeneous GPU environment con...
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  • Bringing back Capture side of AMF DEM

    Per  Where is DEM (Direct encode mode)? · Issue #24 · GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/AMF · GitHub DEM is currently dead.   I'd encourage AMD PMs to consider bringing back a capture-to-D3D/OpenGL fe...
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  • AMD's Version Of Nvidia Ansel

    Hi, I was wondering if AMD was working on their own type of Nvidia Ansel. This was because I wanted to be able to take 3D screenshots easier and be able to add filters onto screenshots that I have taken in game. But u...
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  • AMD RX460 470 480 laptop gpu

    Hello my name is Justin I enjoy AMD as a company and wonder why they wont release there rx series  as laptop gpu's it would make them alot of money because they could get the consumer companies like HP Acer Asus ...
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  • Catalyst Control Center: Host application has stopped working

    I got newest version, I tried to reinstall, Drivers are working, but not the application.   Particulars     product Catalyst Control Center: Host application     difficulties work stopped...
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  • DirectX 12 Support for Radeon 5750

    Hello,   Is some kind of support for directx12 is planned for HD Radeon 5750/5770?   Can you share?   Regards
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  • New utility to overclock Radeons for Linux

    Hi, I wrote small utility to overclock Radeon GPU's that uses ADL SDK. That utility have special feature: can work without X server and with graphics cards in console-mode. It can be used for overclocking GPU's from m...
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  • Is there FreeBSD driver support for Radeon R9 290X card?

    To all those concerned, I have read that FreeBSD would be supported by the latest graphic card drivers, which was also confirmed by tech.support@amd.com.   I am posting here as recommended by tech.support@am...
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  • Cache contention and NUMA nodes locality

    Hi, all.   I decided to measure execution time of some atomic instructions in order to have deeper understanding of the penalty associated with memory access to remote NUMA nodes.   Eventually I got resu...
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  • Is there documentation - register reference for Kabini/Beema and Kaveri/Godavari ?

    I am toying with an idea of rolling my own 2D routines that would be able to leverage particularities of APUs ( shaed memory) to their own advantage.   But for that I need info on how exactly is display being ge...
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  • Is there anyone at AMD that would care to answer to documentation requests (for Kabini)?

    This has long passed the point of tolerable frustration.   Ive requested Kabini documentation ( datasheet, user manual etc) long ago and so far noone cared enough to give me any kind of answer, be it positive or...
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  • AMD’s gem5 APU Simulator release

    Hi.   I've heard that AMD has a plan to release AMD’s gem5 APU Simulator this year. What is an official site where we can download the simulator?   Thanks.
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  • ZeroCore doesn't work even with no display connected?

    I'm using Radeon R9 390 as OpenCL co-processor with no display connected (monitor is plugged into Intel HD 530), but the card still consumes 17W in idle what doesn't look like ZeroCore state. Screenshot after boot, no...
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  • AMD APU limited to one module

    Hi!   I have a Windows 10 64-bit installation on an AMD FX-7500, and for the past few weeks I have noticed that the machine uses only half the cores available to it. This is the machine booting from an SSD: U...
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    So AMD'S GPU AND CPU APU Whatever they are are a little messy. I see AMD as a company that is losing profit pretty fast considering they haven't  really "Innovated" anything new Other than the fury, But what are ...
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  • Sometimes tough truths have to be told

    In a previous incarnation I was Senior German Engineer for Enterprise Disaster-Recovery Tech-Support.   Of the over 17,000 individual cases/escalations I dealt with I failed to resolve (and I don't count kludges...
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  • Weird issue where a certain color causes render failure

    I'm having an issue where triangles won't render if their green color component is greater than 55 (that's of 0-255 ubyte).   I'm using Ubuntu 15.10 with the fglrx-updates 2:15.201-0ubuntu1 driver. Hardware is R...
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  • AMD driver crashing while using Unreal Engine 4

    Hi AMD,   I am an indie game developer and I'm using Unreal Engine 4.   There seems to be a bug in the recent drivers for the R9 390 and 290 series which cause the driver to crash while developing with Unr...
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  • Modifying MSR to disable the prefetcher

    Hello, On my AMD Opteron 6274 (15h), I have modified MSR to disable the HW prefetcher. According to the BKDG, I have to change the 13th bit of MSRC001_1022 to 1. So I ran   [root@tiger exe]# wrmsr -a 0xc0011022...
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