• Partnership

    Hello AMD. My name is Serhii. I am the founder of an engineering project and my engineers are asking for your APU support. Do I need to enter into a partnership agreement? If yes, could you send instructions to my ma...
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  • How to query NVMe device behind AMD-RAID controller via CSMI (IOCTL)?

    Hi AMD friends,   I'm try to improve some feature for S.M.A.R.T information with AMD-RAID platform in windows 10, Which I found is that CSMI seem to be failed with error 1117(0x45d) via CC_CSMI_SAS_GET_DRI...
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  • Dear programmer friends, how can I start into grogramming for a Radeon 7 under Windows 7?

    my task is to implement a code generator for a compiler written in ANSI-C for a new math language and to provide a run time environment for it under Windows 7-64. I have problems to find technical documents on the Rad...
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  • Graphics driver under VxWorks

    Hi, How to develop a graphics driver under VxWorks6.x, where to download the graphics driver source code,ex.AMD E917X, E8860.
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  • Suggested way of running cross platform GPGPU tasks?

    I have proprietary GPGPU algorithms that I would like to distribute to my end users. I am looking for ways to achieve the following Single source code for algorithms Compatible with Windows and Linux Be able to ru...
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  • Old topics bumping

    I've got a question about this forum engine.   I replied to a 2016 year topic (Issue with glDrawBuffers when setting one of the entries to GL_NONE ), which seemingly was created before some forum reorganization,...
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  • Octane

    How come AMD still doesn't have support for Octane? https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=70524 Does Octane need to have OpenCL library implemented?     We stopped AMD CUDA development arou...
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  • Which workstation gpu to choose for programming and later usage of a VR-Application on Linux

    At work we want to visualize objects and connections and their states of our main software-product in Virtual Reality. We are working with Linux Ubuntu and we are going to use OpenGL.We need to provide images for the ...
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  • Looking for an AMD Contact on GPU Computing

    Hello,   I'm wondering if there is/are any AMD staff here who work on GPU computing and would be willing to give a presentation (20 minutes) at the Midwest Association of Core Directors (MWACD) meeting in Octobe...
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  • Loopback Related Question

    Hello, I am using the Opteron A1100 SoC chip.   My requirement is to test/tune the Ethernet KR link.  Link partner is an FPGA.  I have successfully established a 10G KR link.    Question: I...
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  • Instruction Set Reference Guide for AMD Radeon R9 series GPU

    For doing some fine tuning on GCN assembly for the new AMD Radeon R9, is the "Sea Islands Series Instruction Set Architecture Reference Guide" published in feb 2013 is the best reference guide for this? I looked for a...
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  • OpenACC with FirePro W9100

    Hi,   I made an OpenACC code for project(to publish in journal), and used NVIDIA Geforce to run that program. However, since I need to use a lot of double type variables, to reduce calculation time, I bought Fi...
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  • bsc ai thesis / gpu computing

    since this is a first for me please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Levente, and i'm currently a student at the University of Szeged in Hungary working for my BSC diploma.         TL;DR; C...
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  • GPU demand paging

    I'm trying to research whether GPU demand paging is possible with the nowadays hardware. Say, I'd like to store the demanded data on DRAM or another VRAM; The accesses to the local VRAM (by VA) are intercepted and the...
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  • How can my Ryzen 1700 be faster than an Intel 4790K in single thread work

    Hei guys, I am writing you today because I had some surprising findings after optimizing some hot loops for my Ryzen 1700. The specific code was a deformer for Autodesk Maya, the deformer takes as an input a polygonal...
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  • Why are there only 16 GPR registers when 32 ZMM/YMM/XMM registers exist?

    A simple question; Why are there only 16 GPR registers in modern CPU designs, when there are 32 ZMM registers (2048 bytes of space!) on these systems? (Assuming AVX512) Looking at how ZMM/YMM/XMM are currently handled...
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  • WSL driver support

    I would like an official answer from AMD on this. I'm not interested in hearing people's opinion. Only facts and theories that are constructive to this thread if you're not from AMD. With the support of AF_Unix on Win...
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  • Compatible cooling fan for server graphics card?

    I am thinking of buying S9150 for OpenCL use. One problem is that I do not own any rack type case. I do think that my workstation's internal air flow is somewhat 'okay', not as close to that of the normal rack mounted...
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  • Strange post on Nvidia forum (secret to beating the green team)?

    I found a strange post on the Nvidia forum, it seems like someone named "Venturi" found a way to make 4 way SLI scale well, using dual CPUs. If AMD could encourage dual configurations for Rizen and make motherboard ma...
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  • Maximum surface size lower for DirectDraw than Direct3D?

    I posted this question a while ago in the newcomers forum, which I guess no-one reads...   I'm using an AMD FirePro W5100 on Windows 10 x64 1703. Driver version 21.19.384.0. The maximum hardware surface size ...
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