• NURBS Intersection Solution

    Dear All,   I finally can present this solution now. Yes, it is real time and common solution to all of NURBS in degree 2, 3 and 4. If you suspect about is it true? Welcome to visit my new website at Google, NUR...
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  • ADL and Linux sources

    adl_structures.h needs the following on linux(or it wont compile):   #define false 0 #define true 1 #define wchar_t short   Im on Debian wheezy(7.8)
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  • Irony is not dead - OFF TOPIC

    OK, sometimes you have to take advantage of being in charge of something. I get to break the rules.   In celebration of the weekend, I give you....   Huge Fire Breaks Out at Fire Extinguisher Factory  ...
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  • AMD Catalyst 14.12 and kernel>=3.17.0

    Hi all!   More than month ago I download 14.12 to driver and autoinstall was broken by compiling error. As it turned out, the problem has been in the file common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_acpi.c at 845 lin...
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  • Unable to use D3XD11 FFT Functions with AMD GPU on Windows 8.1

    Hi all,   I'm working on some image processing tasks using the C++ AMP FFT Library(C++ AMP FFT Library - Home). The library works fine on Windows 7 x86/x64 operating systems but it fails to instantiate the fft_...
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  • AMD marketing opportunity?

    Since I don't know how to reach AMD marketing directly, I'll just post here. I like this idea. SemiAccurate Forums - View Single Post - Nvidia Shield: Smart TV, Game Console and Super Computer   Hope to see som...
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  • FAQ for General Discussions

    APU and GPU codenames, products, specs Where do I get register reference documentation? There is a problem with the Catalyst driver. How do I get help? Our game does not perform well on some AMD GPUs.
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  • I had an idea how to use 2D to represent 3D, would this be usefull on developing?

    Hi guys, I'm a Brazillian Civil Engineer and I'm 24 years old. I had and idea and I dont know who to tell this. I dont know about developing and would like to receive some feedback about this idea.   So I thought...
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  • Catalyst Omega Driver 14.501 and Ubuntu 14.10

    Folks,   For the Linux Catalyst Omega driver we have had reports of a problem, which we have replicated.   Ubuntu 14.10 is not supported. It is possible to install the driver on a system using Ubuntu 14.1...
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  • ATIKMDAG.sys driver problem

    I bought Brand New Laptop HP Notebook - 15-g206ax which has experience the issue BSOD with the driver ATIKMDAG.sys. where in I am not using any high graphics, the only I use is normal youtube videos to play. ATIKMDAG....
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  • How to disable dithering on a ATI card

    Hi, I have a customer with a large number of PCs that need the option of being remoted using extender technologies. Some of them are fitted with AMD Radeon HD 6450 cards. Because the ATI cards use temporal dithering ...
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  • do you think the Advanced Product Options extension by Mageworld is good?

    I've just tried this magento product options extension. I think it's ok. But because this is the first time I have used an extension of this type, so I don't know if there is another extension better than this. Could ...
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  • Compiler Quick Reference Guide available

    We’ve posted a quick reference guide for five compilers, including gcc, PGI, Visual Studio, and others; with some of the common options you can use in each one to optimize your code, use the ACML, and take advan...
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  • SVM virtualization problem ( intercepting CPUID )

    Hi everybody. I got some problems while intercepting CPUID, somethimes it works without any problems, but sometimes processor hangs(freezes). where's part of code:   maybe i'am doing something wrong?Or maybe ...
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  • About INTR intercept in  the XEN HVM with SVM

    How does xen intercept the phyical INTR Hi, guys. In XEN VMM, when running a guest with SVM support, the vmm excutes clgi to mask the interrupt and excutes stgi when guest exit.(in the code arch/x86/hvm/Svm/entry.S...
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  • Second graphics adapter not detected

    Hi, I have two 6970 in my system - but only one is detected. * Strange thing: Windows Device Manager shows under "Display adapters" two entries like this: "AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series"   * Catalyst Control Cen...
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    Hi there, Dear Friends! Here i'd like to discuss NO-IF strategy to develop the code, i.e. how to reduce number of conditional branches in algorithms. Recently, i wrote sorting algo (QSort-based) to check out the poss...
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  • Crossfire - Windowed and or Fullscreen Windowed Mode Support

    I'd like to ask if it'd be possible to make use of Crossfire on Windowed / Fullscreen Windowed Games. I'm running 3 monitors and running most of my games in Fullscreen Windowed mode. I would like to enjoy the freedom ...
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  • Catalyst driver support

    There have been several posts about Catalyst Driver support here on the developer forum recently so I wanted to let you know that is a different team and forum. The AMD Developer Central Forums are for developers to a...
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  • Graphic Error

    Own a Hd 4850 and have the latest drivers installed, yet sometimes while trying to play a game or watch a movie the screen will temporarily go blank and be replaced with multi-colored vertical lines and will either re...
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