• AMD RAID Bottom

    Dear AMD, Dear DevGurus,   I'm looking for the API / Software Developers Kit of the new chipset with AMD RAID Bottom solution to access hard disk drives / SSDs configured into RAID arrays (by ATA pass through f...
    created by janosmathe
  • 5-Level Paging and 57-bit Linear Address? Stop that stupid!

    In Intel's 5-Level Paging and 5-Level EPT white paper, they planed to introduce another level paging mechanism, PML5, extending the linear address from 48-bit to 57-bit (57-bit, not 64-bit!!!!!). What that stupid thin...
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  • IwoCl 2017

    Amd is not a sponsor of this workshop. Not a good thing.....
    created by nuanda
  • Solution to Discrete Logarithm Problem (limited version).

    created by evgeneyknyazhev
  • ISC-HPC Conference

    http://www.isc-hpc.com/home.html Is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) conference about HPC with a lot of exhibitors. But NOT Amd. A missed opportunity, i think.   (as i think is a missed opportunity the...
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  • oops with Linux kernel 4.1/4.2 and fgrlx 15.7/15.9

    [   16.141222] <6>[fglrx] ATIF platform detected with notification ID: 0x81 [   16.345663] BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/qt5022-cesium/workspace...
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  • "OEM" of PC (AMD CPU, GPU) + OS: Windows 10 Pro. Cross-platform targets: Android/Linux-like, Windows

    I built my own machine with AMD hardware CPU: FX-4350 Black, GPU: R9-2XX, 990 FX chipset and motherboard: ASROCK Extreme 9.  OS is Windows 10 Pro, or openSUSE 13.2 Linux on another SSD if necessary - Windows 10 s...
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  • Need advice on development system

    Seeking advice on the right development approach to use <My first post here!> I need advice on the right development system to use. I'm looking at coding for a 64-bit multi-core AMD system using C and assembl...
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  • Unexplained mystery, Mantle grGetFormatInfo delays while debugging in Windows 7 and 10

    I did another whole round of OS re-installs to verify, and was able to confirm, that on both Windows 7 (Catalyst 14.??) and Windows 10 (Catalyst 15.7.1), inside of the debugger, grGetFormatInfo GR_INFO_FORMAT_PROPERTI...
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  • OpenCL, Mantle and the fate of AMD

    Hi all,   Recently I was able to get Mantle running on Win7 with a homemade SDK.  But discovered neither OpenCL nor Mantle (nor OpenGL) provide enough information to resolve which GPU (eg Bus, Dev, Fnt) is ...
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  • Feedback discussion: How is AMD doing for developers?

    My goal is to ensure that you as a software developer: Get what you need to develop code for AMD platforms Know where to find it     Use this thread to provide feedback to AMD developer outreach....
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  • 50% off some FirePro cards

    Trust me, we don't do a lot of product pushing here, in fact none. This is a "Hey maybe I can save you money" post.   I got the AMD FirePro newsletter today, and it contains a 50% Off offer. I'd hate you to miss...
    created by jtrudeau
  • I am matszpk, programmer amateur

    I am Matszpk, programmer amateur. I am programming in OpenCL since when I bought my graphics card (Radeon HD 7850). My passions are mathematics, computer programming, processor's architectures. Earlier, I wrote Nati...
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  • APU and GPU codenames, products, specs

    Before a product is released, the internal code name for that product or technology frequently sees the light of day. e.g. Kaveri. After the product is released, it becomes or is part of "something else" like AMD A10....
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  • AMD显卡HD6670不兼容,

    AMD显卡HD6670不兼容, 详情https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/zh-CN/846d36ab-81de-4578-937e-b5615802ea9a/amdwin10?forum=WinPreview2014GeneralZHCN   MODERATOR EDIT: Translation: AMD video card HD6670 is not com...
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  • Radeon HD8570M UVD issue

    Hello, I have laptop on AMD A6-5200 and Radeon HD8570M, when I turn on HD8570M in ubuntu this way Re: GPU switching in Ubuntu Linux (it's only this way to make it) I cannot use xvnba video acceleration by UVD, but Rad...
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  • NURBS Intersection Solution

    Dear All,   I finally can present this solution now. Yes, it is real time and common solution to all of NURBS in degree 2, 3 and 4. If you suspect about is it true? Welcome to visit my new website at Google, NUR...
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  • ADL and Linux sources

    adl_structures.h needs the following on linux(or it wont compile):   #define false 0 #define true 1 #define wchar_t short   Im on Debian wheezy(7.8)
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  • Irony is not dead - OFF TOPIC

    OK, sometimes you have to take advantage of being in charge of something. I get to break the rules.   In celebration of the weekend, I give you....   Huge Fire Breaks Out at Fire Extinguisher Factory  ...
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  • AMD Catalyst 14.12 and kernel>=3.17.0

    Hi all!   More than month ago I download 14.12 to driver and autoinstall was broken by compiling error. As it turned out, the problem has been in the file common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_acpi.c at 845 lin...
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