• Enabling Quad Buffer Stereo with FirePro V4800

    quad buffer stereo Hello?? I am trying to test quad-buffer stereo-scopic programming using my 3D monitor with active shutter glasses. My system is, - Core2Quad system - Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit - Monitor: Samsung S2...
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  • Firemv 2260 PCI at Asus P8P67 MB

    I use Firemv 2260PCI (2009year ). Now I update motherboard to ASUS P8P67 Ver3.1 (BIOS is newest). But 2260PCI can't display.  if I replace pci-e VGA CARD at P8P67, is OK. Help me, 2260PCI can't suppor...
    created by bbq
  • FirePro cards do not support Frame Packed 3d over HDMI 1.4a?

    Srsly. Why not? I was told by support today that AMD FirePro cards do not support Frame Packed 3D over HDMI 1.4a. For a card that costs as much as it does, I laughed in disbelief. In the hopes that he/she was wrong...
    created by DharmaSoldat
  • Developing a VR application, need hardware advice...

    Building a VR application using Sony's new HMD... want to know if the two new firepro cards will handle it Hi all, My intention is to build a VR (eventually AR) system using Sony's new HMD/Personal Viewer. I want t...
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  • AMD FirePro V9800

    AMD FirePro V9800 supports HP ProLiant DL/ML370 G6 server with Remote FX Hello, I have HP ProLiant DL380 G5 and HP ProLiant DL580 G5, I wanted to purchase best graphics card for the server HP ProLiant DL/ML370...
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  • ATI FirePro v9800 card to 6 display output?

    we are facing problem in getting 6 displays from ATI FirePro v9800 card(6 display output card) on RHEL 5.4 kernel ver. 2.6.18-164.el5. we are currently getting 2 displays only. can you please suggest us in solvin...
    created by akilan
  • Missing opencl support

    Opencl cannot find cards I have just gotten my new computer with 2 firepro v7800 cards.  I installed the unified driver for the firepro and the AMD app sdk.  I then started up the examples and the examples...
    created by ochensati
  • ATI Fire Pro V4800 using with maya on Windows Win7 ultimate 64bit

    V4800 maya can't moving [adduction]       "I just got my new graphics card, an ATI FirPro v4800 1GB, and all seemed well. I got the catalyst and latest drivers installed. Did some test with ...
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  • Support FirePro V7800 in FreeBSD

    A wont buy Ati FirePro V7800,  a`m works with FreeBSD and afraid, that a buy not supported card. dsugar.com.ua
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  • FirePro Debugging

    I have a customer that is experiencing a problem on a V8700 that I need to debug.  Could I use a V4800 to reproduce the problem in the driver or do I need the V8700?  The problem is not related to memory as ...
    created by sar76FLHS
  • distorted windows

    On ATI Fire Pro V7800 graphics cards in dual monitor mode, all windows (explorer, word, etc.) look distorted after i moved them quickly from one monitor to the other. If i move them slowly, there are no artefacts. Doe...
    created by Knatter
  • AMD has added support for Firepro Mobility (Update)

    From release notes of 8.773.1.1 workstation driver, AMD has added support for Firepro Mobility cards. To be a mobility user, this is a great news. However when I download it, it doesnt work. I checked INF file, there...
    created by mitchellboy
  • FirePro 2460 MV under WinXP (32)

    Is is possible to enable more than 2 monitors for the 2460 on WinXP? We had purchased the FirePro 2460 for a user running Windows 7 - everything worked well, he was happy with 3 monitors. Later, we ran into a compa...
    created by GJSchaller
  • FirePro Mobility m7820 - Single or Double Precision

    Can someone clear this up for me? http://developer.amd.com/gpu/ATIStreamSDK/assets/ATI_Stream_SDK_Getting_Started_Guide_v2.3.pdf says it is a Double Precision part (page 8) while http://developer.amd.com/gpu/ATIStr...
    created by nsiboro
  • install ATI driver by RPM,it will show "segmentation fault"

    i install ATI Display driver 8.743.3.3 on CentOS 5.5 64 bit. if install directly,not any problem. but if install by RPM,then after enter X11,run "glxgears",it will show me "segmentation fault". i don't know what's ...
    created by dorothy
  • AtiFireGl V7700 versus Ati Radeon HD5770

    Dear developers, I was faced with a very big problem. Already more than 2 months of learning about professional graphics cards, because I work in programs such as Inventor, Solidworks. As a result, stopped on the choi...
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  • Welcome to the FirePro Development Forum

    Welcome to the FirePro Development Forum, the place to post questions, techniques, tips, and other information specific to developers using AMD professional graphics FirePro/FireGL products. For driver downloads,...
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