Enabling DASH in Lenovo T495

Blog Post created by rkulkarni Employee on Mar 6, 2020

This blog outlines the procedure of enabling DASH in bios and Lenovo T495 has been used for reference.


Quick Steps:


  1. Download latest BIOS for Lenovo-T495 system
  2. Upgrade the Bios n the Lenovo-T495 system
  3. Enable DASH option in Bios
  4. Verify the DASH FW in windows in Realtek Dash Client tool
  5. Verification using DASHCLI tool


Step 1: Download the latest BIOS:


The latest BIOS version available on the web is R12ET49W (1.19):


  1. Navigate to the URL: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds539877
  2. Download the exe file




Step 2: Install the BIOS Image on Target


Copy the exe to Target machine. Right click on executable and run it as administrator



This launches the Install Shield Wizard select language as English



Click Next



Accept the License Agreement and click Next



Click on Install



Once Finished exit the wizard by clicking Finish



Further the ThinkPad Bios Flash Update Utility asks for option Select” Update ThinkPad BIOS”


Further the Bios update is initiated and once completed Restart the system


Step 3: Enable DASH option in the Bios

Once the system is restarted after the Bios gets upgraded, Press F1 to move to Setup Utility

Switch to security Tab and go to Dash Configuration setting


Enter DASH Configuration setting and Enable the DASH Support option

Press F10 to Save and Exit


Step 4: Verify the DASH FW in windows in Realtek Dash Client tool

Once system is rebooted to windows, the required Drivers and Realtek Dash Client is installed.
The DASH FW version can be seen in right end corner of tray icon

Step 5: Verification Using DASHCLI Tool
After DASH is enabled in system, DASHCLI can be used to verify some of DASH related features

DASHCLI Commands:
1.To verify DASH System is DASH Capable:
dashcli.exe -h <ipaddress> -u <username> -P <password> discover
2. To verify power options available in target system:
dashcli.exe -h <ipaddress> -u <username> -P <password> -t computersystem[0] power availablestates

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