AMC 4.0 (AMD Management Console) Release Announcement

Blog Post created by gakamath Employee on Feb 17, 2020

A new release of AMD Management Console, AMC 4.0 is now available.


AMC is a GUI based DASH manageability application for small business environments, capable of monitoring and managing DMTF’s DASH-compliant client computer systems.


New features in 4.0 release are:

  • Option to check for new AMC versions and upgrade automatically.
  • VNC Viewer features are enhanced for KVM Redirection workflow.
  • Option provided to trust or reject self-signed TLS certificates for HTTPS DASH communication.
  • Additional assets profiles listed in Inventory window.
  • Option to select local ISO images for USB Redirection, Firmware Upgrade and Boot to Text workflows.
  • DASHConfigRT is packaged with AMC to configure Realtek based DASH systems.
  • Following packages were updated (CPP REST SDK-2.10.14, OpenSSL-1.1.1d, JSONCPP-1.9.0, CIM Schema-2.52, Putty-0.73).
  • Fix for multiple bugs and performance improvement.


The release note is attached, which provide more information on this release and the history of releases.


Visit to download the latest software.

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