DASH CLI 2.2 Release Announcement

Blog Post created by gakamath Employee on May 6, 2019

A new release of DASH CLI 2.2 is now available.


The DASH CLI v2.2 is a command line application used to perform out of band management tasks (power management, asset inventory, alerts, etc.) using DMTF DASH specifications.


New features in 2.2 release are:

  • Added 3rd party console enablement support, called developer mode, which takes request in JSON format and gives output in JSON in Redfish format. Following commands are enabled:

o   alertdestination

o   asset

o   bios

o   bootconfig

o   ethernetport

o   fan

o   filtercollection

o   indicationfilter

o   indicationsubscription

o   kvmredirection

o   logentry

o   memory

o   networkport

o   operatingsystem

o   powersupply

o   processor

o   recordlog

o   sensor

o   software

o   textredirection

o   usbredirection

  • Updated previously implemented commands and all corresponding classes with a uniform input output class format in Developer Guide.
  • Updated User Guide with Raw command and added Filter Collection command.
  • Updated Putty code for AMDLink from version 0.69 to 0.71 to incorporate major security updates to Text Redirection and KVM Redirection features


The release note is attached, which provide more information on this release and the history of releases.


Visit to download the latest software.


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