The new builds of AMPS, AMC & DASH CLI are available for download. The latest versions are,

  • AMD Management Plugin for SCCM - AMPS
  • AMD Management Console - AMC
  • DASH Command Line Interface - DASH CLI


The key features in all of these releases are,

  • KVM Redirection support – with Boot To BIOS screen workflow.
  • Performance tuning and network enhancements to KVM use case
  • Support Windows Server 2016 & latest Windows 10 OS
  • Support DASH CIM Schema 2.48.0


The AMPS release has these updates,

  • Support version 1802, 1706, 1702, 1610, 1606, 1602 & 1511 of SCCM


AMC release has these updates,

  • Support Windows 10 update 1803


DASH CLI release has these new commands,

  • ‘enumerate’ - Show all instances of KVM service
  • ‘show’ - Show information of an instance of KVM Service
  • ‘enable’ - Enable KVM redirection service
  • ‘disable’ - Disable KVM redirection service
  • ‘connect’ - Connect to running VNC server in KVM engine
  • startkvm’ - Boot to BIOS workflow (enable the service, reboot and connect to VNC server)


Download link:


Note: Platform and DASH LoM must support KVM profile. Please check with your system vendor for KVM support.