Firmware Upgrade in AMPS 3.0

Blog Post created by vibs Employee on Apr 6, 2016

Firmware Upgrade feature is introduced in AMPS 3.0. It is based on DMTF's DASH standard specification, 'software update profile'. Firmware Upgrade feature enables the IT Administrator to perform installation and update of BIOS, firmware, drivers and related software on a managed system.  Please check with your OEM support, to find the software modules enabled for firmware upgrade. This blog demonstrates Firmware Upgrade for Broadcom's Gigabit Ethernet client controller, BCM5762.

Here is the overview of using this feature:

[A] Host firmware versions on web server

Setup a web-server and copy the firmware software modules.  These firmware must be accessible at the manged system. Figure 1 illustrates the firmware modules for BCM5762.


Figure 1, Web server hosting firmware


[B] Save URLs in AMPS firmware list


In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to Assets and Compliance\Overview\Devices\All DASH Managed Systems. Select any DASH system and in DASH tab, click 'Firmware Upgrade'.



Figure 2, Firmware Upgrade icon in Configuration Manager console


Firmware Upgrade window opens with empty URL list if the URLs were not saved before. Click on '+' to add new URLs. After adding all URLs, save them using 'Save' button.



Figure 3, Adding URLs


After saving, the URLs will be listed as shown in Figure 4.



Figure 4, URL List



[C] Start Firmware Upgrade


In the Firmware Upgrade window, select software module. The current version of that software module is displayed below it. In this example, 'Management Controller Firmware' is selected and version of it is 3.04.01.



Figure 5, Firmware Selection


In this example, we will upgrade from 3.04 to 3.05. Version 3.05 is selected in the URL list and 'Apply' button is clicked to start Firmware Upgrade process. After few minutes, Firmware Upgrade will be completed and success message is displayed, as shown in Figure 6.



Figure 6, Firmware Upgrade Success


[D] Verify


To check whether the upgrade was successful, you can query the current version of the  software module by opening 'Firmware Upgrade' window.  In Figure 7, the version is '3.05.03', which means Firmware Upgrade was successful from 3.04 to 3.05.



Figure 7, Software Module Version


In case of management controller firmware, you also check the version in 'Discovery' window.



Figure 8, Management Controller Firmware version


[E] Collection


Firmware Upgrade can be done on collection. Open 'Firmware Upgrade' on a collection, select the new URL and apply. You can also schedule the upgrade at a later time.



Figure 9, Firmware Upgrade on Collection




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  2. Software Update Profile: Software Update Profile | DMTF