• Query re Latest Activity content

    Have noticed the odd (rare) thread being bumped up with no recorded (time/date/changes in the thread/replies itself) info (that i'm allowed access to). I suppose Moderators could move them, or is there a bug/loophole...
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  • potentially offensive language

    I am trying to ask a technical question containing nothing offensive at all, not even remotely and when I click the post button I get an error saying I cannot post my question due to potentially offensive language... ...
    last modified by foivos
  • "Discussion blocked due to potentially offensive language"

    Um, what? I am attempting to post for some help with a resolution issue. There is not even a hint of the most mildly offensive thing contained in my post - nothing. Yet I get the post title as a response, an I am not ...
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  • How do I upload a profile pic

    I get to the crop photo part and it does not allow me to do anything and keeps getting denied.  Is there something I am missing?  its no bigger than 280kb
    last modified by david.lacombe86
  • no reply button?

    How do you reply to any forum question when there is no reply button anywhere? Is this a new feature?
    last modified by noodles59
  • Cannot access "Games & Applications" forum...

    I generally like to go through these forums to read some questions, issues, comments etc on the Games & Applications forum. sometimes i can help with such questions, hence the reason why i like going through it. b...
    last modified by mottoman216
  • Typo While Creating User ID...Need Help

    Hello, I am not sure if it's possible to have this fixed or not...but I am writing to you because I have made a slight text error during the creation of my account, and ended up typing "milidcat" instead of "mildcat" ...
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  • I signed up for AMD newsletters twice, but never received any of them

    last modified by glaesera
  • I cannot post topics in OpenCL and OpenGL

    Hi.,   How I can start posting topics? In my action menu I see only Feeds
    last modified by kingofthebongo
  • RE: Some moderation/SPAM problems by: jtrudeau

    fix to spam:   1. USE Q&A CAPTCHA with answer combinations and non-obvious question deformed images 2. Require email confirmation before allowing someone to post.     like this post = more tips
    last modified by gast33
  • Request for Automatic "Post Edited" notification.

    Currently,posts can be edited with no requirement to note this. If possible, can a date/time be Automatically implemented into bottom of post(reason for edit optional). 
    last modified by goodplay
  • Is it possible to highlight which word is marked as offensive?

    Hello,   I am not a native English speaker. But in one of the latest replies that I wanted to post, I received the message possible offensive language detected. Could it be possible to highlight what exactly was...
    last modified by nielsvds
  • Username/Avatar log in dates "BUG"?

    Have noticed recently that when you place(not click) pointer on them,they are showing future dates. In the past week,they have shown 6 July,6 November,now 6 December 2015.
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  • Connection updates query

    Where can I find info on what "Relationship Notification" is/does.
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  • math libs cannot post

    I wonder if there is a problem with math libs forum?
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