• Forum need a major overhaul

    I"ve been silent for many months ( except for one major spamming points issue, still not fixed), its about time this forum got back to old days where, Getting so sick of Nvidibots (would love to name & shame, y...
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  • Community profile points are no longer accruing.

    The points associated with trendsetter/helper etc. have stopped accruing for the past month or so.  Everyone has remained static on the leaderboard.  Has this feature been removed from the forums?
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  • Cannot Post Pics or Links

    Site bug, not just me. Get a red circle with diagional bar for insert image, insert a URL just returns to the fill in box.
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  • Moderation after a post was edited

    Yesterday I registered in the Community and posted three posts. All of them were moderated within less than an hour after being posted. Then I edited one of them (this one) with minor grammar and style corrections. Wh...
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  • My real name is displayed in my first post instead of the forum name in my profile.

    As the title says.   My real name is also displayed in this (my 2nd)  post.   Surprise: i do not want that.   Please correct this.   Thank you.
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  • Jive Help links broken

    Links to Jive Help are broken.  Currently they point to https://docs.jivesoftware.com/cloud_ext/end_user/jive.help.core  I'm not sure, but maybe "ext" should be "int" so they point to Core Help  How...
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  • How do I delete my profile?

    The short answer is: you can't. However, a community admin can do this for you. You can PM one of the forum moderators, or post a message here in the Community Help forum, and we'll take care of it.   We can do t...
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  • Locked Threads ?

    Recently seeing some being repeatedly bumped (no content or changes in posts). A loophole in forum software perhaps ?
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  • Contact Moderator & process PMs

    How do I contact a moderator? Is it possible to see my Personal Message Inbox and Outbox and how? How are incoming PMs presented and viewed? Thanks and enjoy, John.
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  • Using @(mention) for on site links

    Understand that forum site is currently going through changes, but will moderation of links using @ to on site threads//how-to's/documents be sorted soon ?
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  • "Correct" answers in Threads with new platform

    I PMed another User this question and he directed me here. This is the question I asked:   It seems that now the Moderators are the ones that decide whether a comment is "Correct" or not. I have gone to some of...
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  • Terms and Conditions

    OFFICIAL TERMS OF USE - AMD Community   Information or opinions contained in any posts are those solely of the user making the post and are in no way validated by, or the opinions of, AMD, including our moderato...
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  • What about privacy? Who can see what about me?

    You control access to your data in your personal profile.   To get there, click the Avatar menu at the top of the page, and choose Edit Profile.   On the profile page, click the Privacy tab, and you'll see...
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  • stuck with "Currently being moderated" message and forum suggestion

    Since there doesn't seem to have a support section for the forum itself, I will post it here.   I made a reply in one of threads in "AMD Catalyst Drivers & Software" section, but it didn't go through and a m...
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  • Reporting SPAM or Abuse

    Code of Conduct No profanity – using wildcards to replace letters in a profane word does not make it acceptable No solicitations – advertising, job offers, free gifts, you get the idea No impersonation ...
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  • Why are my posts or replies moderated?

    Short answer: because we are protecting you from large amounts of spam. The good news is, moderation is temporary and goes away automatically.   Background Spam really does get in the way. The flood of spam can...
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  • Information required when posting a question

    Is there any way to make this INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION more prominent throughout the forum ?. And/or is it possible to somehow include it in profile set up (even if only an acknowledgement of it),...
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  • Can not create RMA request because of a server error

    hi, my new Ryzen processor has a defect. I would like to open an RMA case and use the form created by AMD (http://support.amd.com/en-us/warranty/rma).   When I send this request I get an email with the following...
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  • Radeon Software Help Centre

    Any possibility of this amd.com/en/support/driverhelp being added to the forum Knowledge Base
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  • How do you get your question back to the top?

    Hi, I have read the rules which state that you should "bump" your discussion/question rather than re-posting the same question over and over again.  I did not see anything that lets you know how to "bump" your di...
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