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!AMD unleashes the power of Radeon™ Pro SSG & Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 graphics cards, AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ & EPYC™ processors to demo incredibly fast workflow solutions alongside industry leaders & technology partners, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Dell, HP, NEXT COMPUTING and others!


The annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference is about to kick off on April 7th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The NAB conference is the ultimate showcase for the media and entertainment industry, bringing cutting-edge innovation and unique solutions for professionals in this industry. Join AMD at booth #SL8224 where we will be demonstrating some incredible solutions for creators in this space.  Have a look below at just a few of the amazing solutions you’ll be able to check out.


New this year!
Join our scavenger hunt this year at NAB. Download the scavify app prior to NAB and complete our mission during the show to receive exciting giveaways and prizes.  See attachment for NAB2018 game rules.


Radeon™ Pro SSG Graphics Support with Adobe® Premiere Pro® CC

We have been working extremely close with our friends at Adobe to solve a problem all too familiar to high resolution post-production. Ideally, video editors want the highest visual fidelity throughout the entire post-production workflow, which typically means working directly with the RAW source content straight from the camera with no downsampling or transcoding to lossy proxies. Unfortunately, real-time decoding of RAW footage is generally not feasible with today’s video editing workstation due to the immense computation and memory requirements. AMD saw a unique opportunity to develop a solution to address this high-end video editing workflow as more and more users are starting to work with high resolution videos.

The Radeon™ Pro SSG graphics card has 2TB of NVMe storage on board that is accessible to the GPU via an optimized path. With this extra storage, data can now reside on the graphics card instead of caching out to local memory or disk. The latest version of Premiere Pro now contains native support for Radeon Pro SSG technology to take advantage of its on-board storage. With this new release, Adobe Premiere Pro can now decode and cache any supported source video content in an uncompressed format onto the Radeon SSG card’s storage. This optimizes the decoding and caching pipeline so that decoding is done only once, ahead of time, to generate a full quality uncompressed copy of the source video that can then be edited and previewed without the need to tie up the CPU and RAM with decoding. With Radeon Pro SSG graphics, even 8K content can be edited and previewed at full frame rate when installed on just about any modern workstation.


High End Color Grading with Blackmagic Design® DaVinci Resolve®

file:///C:/Users/mayui/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/GI6WOXLE/NAB%202018%20Blog%20Legally%20Approved%20Final-CR%206%20PB%204.2.18.docx#_msocom_2AMD has introduced some amazing pieces of technology over the past year and combining these incredibly powerful components together can create one beast of a system.  Enter the AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 graphics card based on the cutting-edge “Vega” GPU architecture, joined by the trailblazing AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPU with 16 cores and 32 threads. When you have these products combined, editing and grading UHD 60p timelines even with complex ResolveFX processes is a breeze.

Blackmagic Design will join us at our booth for a stunning end to end color grading demo on an AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 graphics and AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPU system using DaVinci Resolve, Decklink SDI video capture and playback solutions and FSI display technology.


Multi-Stream 10-bit Editing with Avid® Media Composer®

Avid Media Composer has been optimized to take advantage of the graphics and compute power of the AMD Radeon™ Pro WX Series graphics cards.  As workstations get more powerful with faster CPUs and storage, the Radeon Pro WX 9100 graphics card can handle more streams of high quality source content with no dropped frames.


Public Debut of Avid® Media Composer® Running on AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™

The AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPU, based on our “Zen” architecture in all AMD Ryzen™ CPUs, took the industry by storm last year when it was first introduced. The innovative CPUs showcase in many ways the pinnacle of what the “Zen” architecture is capable of for lightning-fast creative workloads. The AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPU has up to 16 cores and high clock speeds for efficient video decoding, high speed network, and plenty of NVMe storage devices. The CPU even features 64 lanes of PCI Express® connectivity to accommodate powerful GPUs like Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 graphics, a capture/playback card, for content creation on applications such as Media Composer.

These four demos are just the tip of the iceberg of what AMD can bring to the table for video broadcasting and film professionals.  If you’re planning to visit NAB this year, we encourage you to come by and witness some amazing things happening at AMD.


Warren Eng is a Product Marketing Manager for professional graphics at AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.  GD-5

AMD is excited to announce that Citrix’s new hypervisor, XenServer 7.2, supports Radeon™ Pro MxGPU (multiuser GPU) in a technology preview.  This means that enterprises can preview our AMD FirePro™ S7150x2 GPUs in virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).   To show it off, AMD was at Citrix Synergy 2017 in Orlando, Florida.   In our booth was the first public demonstration of XenServer 7.2 running on AMD GPUs.   Not only did we show the power and performance of our GPU technology, but did it from 1092 miles away.  You see, the demonstration was delivered from a datacenter outside of New York City by AMD technology partner IMSCAD.


The demo was awesome!   The complete capabilities of Autodesk apps, Revit, Inventor and AutoCAD were shown off with our AMD FirePro S7150x2 card in an HPE ProLiant DL380 server from IMSCAD’s New York datacenter.  Running on Citrix XenServer 7.2, our MxGPU delivered full workstation class performance while being shared four users per GPU.  At the other end of the wire, over 1000 miles of it, was an HPE t620 Thin Client powered by AMD Quad-Core APU.  So a complete end-to-end AMD solution in full glory!


Our second demo was also extensively remote.  Why lug heavy and loud servers to a trade show, when you can show off the AMD’s great technologies from a datacenter.  In this demo we ran VMware ESXI 6.5 on a Dell PowerEdge R730 server installed with an AMD FirePro S7150x2. Splitting the GPU by 8 users, we delivered a workstation-class experience for Solidworks 2017.  Over 440 miles it ran, to the booth at Synergy to an IGEL thin client also powered by an AMD Quad-core APU.  So here’s the net/net: AMD end-to-end, hardware virtualized graphics running XenServer 7.2, workstation performance from the datacenter, delivered elegantly to AMD-powered thin clients.  What’s not to love?

Did you stop by CitrixSynergy 2017?


Any customer who is eligible to upgrade to XenServer 7.2 can start their testing with any host that supports the AMD FirePro™ S7100-series GPUs.  To enable XenServer, click here to check out the download and associated release notes. You will also find details via this link on how to submit bugs.


To use Citrix XenServer with AMD MxGPU virtualized graphics technology you will need to download the XenServer GIM Driver and the Radeon™ Pro Software Beta here. You will also find the Citrix Deployment Guide on this page.  Be sure to give us your feedback!

Check out IMSCAD at

Check out EpiGrid at


See you next year!!



This year at NAB Show 2017, AMD announced the latest Radeon™ Pro Duo showcased in multiple demos this year.  For those who stopped by, they witnessed the Radeon Pro Duo graphics card being capable of developing and driving VR experiences at the ultimate fidelity level. What else? Create games faster with application optimizations to enhance workflow performance. Enjoy the benefits of AMD LiquidVR™ technology to enable rich and immersive VR experiences by simplifying and optimizing VR content creation designed to work seamlessly with leading headsets. Be more productive by completing tasks lightning fast. With dual GPUs enabled with high bandwidth memory (HBM) technology, Radeon Pro Duo graphics has the parallel computing power to speed through OpenCL™ supported applications such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio and Blackmagic Fusion Studio.



Radeon Pro SSG Technology demos also raised the excitement this year collaborating with Adobe.  Increasing the speed of modern workflows by an order of magnitude and the disruptive technology accelerating the art of the impossible with potential for terabytes of memory. State of the art content creation, scientific and engineering visualization applications require the processing of big datasets, far larger than can be contained within the capacities of existing GPU memory. As content creators rapidly adopt 8K resolution to future-proof their content, these performance boosts can improve quality of life, productivity and efficiency in the editing process



This year, AMD had two locations.  One, working with Studio Experience where we had daily theatre presentations throughout the show.  Speakers included; Mettle; 360 video experiences, Boris FX; Mocha VR, Foundry; Nuke11 Tech Preview, Lightsail VR; Google Immersive VR, Next Computing; Edge P100 mobile workstation overview, Autodesk; Flame, Fugitives; The making of Francis VR & Radiant Images; AMD LOOM 360 video stitching, and Moon Base invasion and Magma Chamber by Jonathan Winbush with Mix Master Mike!


Other key takeaways:

AMD teams with HP & Dell at Avid Connect:
1200+ attendees over two days. Oculus 360 video VR demonstrations, Roy Taylor: AMD VR strategy overview, Ogi Brkic; AMD Radeon Pro Business Division overview.


AMD teams with Torus Media Labs for VR:
Showcasing the Radeon Pro WX7100 cards with their CANVAS 360 toolkit for Adobe After Effects helping artists create VR experiences to their fullest potential.


AMD shows off the Radeon™ Pro WX series cards- Radeon™ Pro WX4100, WX5100, and WX7100:
Based on the “Polaris” architecture, Radeon Pro GPUs employ the latest advances in AMD’s 4th generation Graphics Core Next architecture, including uncompromising 4K video decode and encode. All built utilizing a power efficient 14nm FinFET manufacturing process. Importantly, these professional graphics cards are fully compatible with open source software through GPUOpen.


Next Computing and Boxx Technology latest AMD hardware partners to participate in NAB show with new hardware offerings:
Next Computing; showcasing their M&E computer offerings for mobile the Edge P100 mobile workstation & the Edge T100 tower for high-end content creation and video editing has been announced recently and was showcased at the show.  Click here for NextComputing NAB 2017 Wrap-Up Report – Part 1!


Boxx Technologies: Showcasing the Appex 4 workstation with dual WX7100 GPU technology and AMD’s state-of-the-art Ryzen CPU chipset.


That’s a wrap!!



IT managers need to stay a step ahead of their business needs, so that when their users need better tools, better mobility and better flexibility, the IT team is ready to respond. The collaboration between AMD and Citrix delivers a simple, secure and cost effective solution for high performance virtual desktops.


With the upcoming release of the next XenServerupdate, IT managers have access to the Tech Preview of AMD MxGPU and are free to configure the AMD FirePro™ S7100-series in a Citrix environment that meets the needs of their organization, whether it’s for CAD and M&E workloads or for office applications that task workers utilize every day.


Any customer who is eligible to upgrade XenServer can start their testing with any host that supports the AMD FirePro™ S7100-series GPUs.


Want to see it? 
Embrace your inner nerd with AMD. Join AMD’s Nerd Squad at the Radeon Pro booth #411.

Enter for a chance to win your very own Ultrasaber® from Ultra Sabers LLC and a BATHROBE!


How to WIN:

  1. Visit the AMD booth #411 and watch our tech-demo to receive shower shoes and socks.*
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The latest from AMD and Radeon Pro will be showcased this year at NAB Show 2017 from April 22 – 27 in Las Vegas. Radeon Pro will reveal innovations and cutting edge technologies in collaboration with HP, Dell, BOXX, Foundry, Adobe, Avid, Mettle and BlackMagic Design.




AMD will be hosting several booths with Radeon Pro technology in action: booth #SL 7620 in the South Hall, Studio Experience booth #SL 2424 in partnership with HP and Avid Connect and booth #SU 902 sponsored by HP and AMD.

Our Avid Connect booth will be the largest partner booth in the Partner Pavilion, including two AMD keynotes promoting Radeon Pro and an Avid Connect exec panel featuring AMD. There will be several demos running that will allow attendees to experience the power and speed of Radeon Pro’s latest technology.

Dreamed of your very own lightsaber?
Stop by our booth #7620 and take our online survey to participate in our raffle for a high-end lightsaber from Ultrasabers or a chance to win the Sony PlayStation® 4 Pro!  All participants must be present to win, and raffle terms and conditions will apply.  Feel free to ask any AMD staff to make sure you qualify!

If you plan to attend NAB Show, register for the event now. The event will run at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the exhibits will begin on April 24.

Follow us on Twitter for upcoming news from NAB Show and we hope to see you there!

This year at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 (SWW17), AMD had the opportunity to showcase its advancements in the professional space. In booth 501, AMD bolstered its Radeon Pro technology and collaborative relationships with EpiGrid and CAVRNUS. EpiGrid delivers SOLIDWORKS from the cloud, and AMD demoed their technology on systems powered by AMD FirePro™ S7150 x2, offering security and flexibility to designers. CAVRNUS allows people to experience SOLIDWORKS in a virtual reality environment (VR), which was demonstrated with the Radeon Pro WX 7100 workstation graphics card.


Dell joined the AMD booth this year with their Precision series and their new 7720 mobile workstation featuring Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 graphics.  This is the first mobile solution to showcase the new Radeon Pro WX graphics card series for mobile workstations.




EpiGrid and SOLIDWORKS in the cloud – 579 miles away!

EpiGrid announced its cloud-based SOLIDWORKS offering earlier this year, delivering workstation-class graphics to virtually anywhere. This year, EpiGrid and AMD showed off SOLIDWORKS effortlessly running from 579 miles away to showcase the cloud technology in action at SWW17. The AMD FirePro S7150 x2 was running from a server in Atlanta in this demo.  AMD’s multi-user GPU (MxGPU) technology allows designers and engineers to optimize their SOLIDWORKS workflows simply and from virtually any device. This private-cloud solution provides the performance and security you need with predictable costs.





In collaboration with AMD, CAVRNUS ran a VR demo in the Radeon Pro booth with XConnect™ technology. CAVRNUS offers a revolutionary VR solution for collaborative design, interaction and education, which was powered by Radeon Pro WX 7100 graphics at the show. With lifelike environments, intuitive controls, on-the-fly CAD import, CAVRNUS is the most user-friendly and engaging collaborative VR solution for design and engineering professionals, whether they’re down the hall or across oceans. The VR solution is designed for creators and engineering professionals and SWW17 attendees had the opportunity to transverse into virtual lifelike CAD environments.

Those who had the opportunity to try the VR demo were deeply immersed in the design space. Being able to get close with objects and really inspect them offers new ways to design and adjust models. The CAVRNUS demo opens the door to new possibilities in the design space.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS certified Radeon Pro WX graphics.



Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on how VR evolves and changes professional workflows.


AMD and SOLIDWORKS® leading the trend in VR, VDI, Cloud, and much more

The latest with AMD and SOLIDWORKS will be on display at Solidworks World 2017 (Booth #501) at the Los Angeles Convention Center where you will be able to join the ultimate VR, VDI, and cloud experiences.

The entire Radeon™ Pro WX workstation family line-up will be displayed this year to show how graphic cards have evolved and how we bring forth an immersive computing experience for design engineers tackling complex design problems. 


What to expect this year?

Optimized Graphics Processing
While digital design workflows can open up innovation potential, it’s only possible with the right horsepower. AMD’s new Radeon Pro WX series of GPUs and AMD’s Radeon ProRender rendering engine are designed specifically to address the demanding needs of workstation users, especially those professionals pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and engineering applications.


Axis CAD Solutions.png
*GPU accelerated transparent mode (OIT). Image courtesy of Palatov Motorsport LLC.


The new Radeon Pro WX series GPUs are optimized for open source software, undergo extensive independent software vendor (ISV) application and workstation certification testing, and support advances that deliver the highest levels of performance. Based on AMD’s new Polaris architecture designed specifically for speed and energy efficiency, the Radeon Pro GPUs employ the latest advances in AMD’s 4th generation Graphics Core Next architecture, including 4K video decode and encode support, next generation display capabilities and support for open source software through GPUOpen.


AMD has worked closely with SOLIDWORKS® to support their features such as RealView® Graphics real-time shading and self-shadowing functions as well as the transparency mode used in Mate, a SOLIDWORKS feature for joining parts in an assembly and simulating how they fit and move together.


State-of-the-Art Rendering Engine
On top of the new Radeon Pro GPU line, look forward to our latest Radeon ProRender plug-in for SOLIDWORKS, a state-of-the-art, physically-based ray trace rendering engine enabling interactive workflows to produce photorealistic images on heterogeneous computing systems. With its support of the industry standard OpenCL™ API, ProRender can run on virtually any GPU hardware, giving design engineers choices in optimizing a workstation to meet their needs.

Going cloud?  We will also be demonstrating a virtualized design environment in the cloud with AMD FirePro™ S7150 GPU delivering virtualized graphics in a secure and cost-effective way for high performance virtual workstations.


If you plan to attend, don’t forget to stop by our session where our subject matter expert, Gary Davis, will be speaking about how to choose the right graphics hardware solution for the task at hand.
Date: Monday, Feb 6, 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Visit AMD, DELL, EpiGrid, WakingApp booths to see how our technology partners are using AMD graphics technologies to provide you with the latest user experience for SOLIDWORKS users. 

Mayu Ishii is Regional Marketing Manager – Professional Graphics for AMD. Her postings is her own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.