Celebrating International Women's Day

Blog Post created by rcotter Employee on Mar 8, 2017

Happy International Women’s Day to all AMDers! This is a day to celebrate the achievements of women globally and an opportunity in our local communities to drive for inclusion for everyone.


This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Be Bold for Change.” I like the sound of that, because it requires us to think critically about how we can personally take steps to affect positive change. It’s the many little steps taken together that create big shifts in culture.


We know that we are stronger, bolder, and more innovative when a diverse mix of people with varied experiences work together to build great products. Having diversity of perspectives is only half the job – we must continue working to create a culture where everyone is empowered to speak up and be themselves every day. This means actively championing parity in the quality and quantity of career opportunities and development, and cultivating the next generation of company leaders, regardless of their gender or gender identity, nation of origin, race, age, or beliefs.


In the spirit of being bold for change, I’m committed to not only helping build great products, but I will build great relationships.  I will consider Friday an internal-email-free day. You should try it: If you receive an email from a colleague on a Friday, consider phoning them back or stopping by their cube if you’re in the same office and connect ‘in person’ instead of replying electronically. Get to know your colleagues better, have some real-time engagement and be more inclusive.  I will also not only think and hope, I will just do! This means: for the next few weeks, rather than thinking or hoping, just do. Catch yourself when you write or speak "I think we should..." or "I hope we can..."? and start over by removing "think" or "hope". You will immediately sound, and most importantly feel, more confident. A more confident workplace drives greater creativity, an openness to change and focus.


What action will you take to be bold for change this year in support of inclusion and equality?




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