AMD Wins "Top Project" Award from Energy Manager Today

Blog Post created by susan.moore Employee on Feb 8, 2017

In 2014 AMD announced an ambitious vision to improve the energy efficiency of its Advanced Processing Units (APUs) 25-fold by 2020, which is known as AMD's 25x20 Energy Efficiency Initiative.  The first major APU product introduced in 2015 – the AMD 6th Generation APU – achieved energy efficiency gains equal to 28 percent towards the goal. In 2016, the 7th generation APU achieved another 14 percent gain. The company continues working to meet its 25x20 goal, with new energy efficient techniques and technologies being rolled into upcoming “Zen”-based products for personal computers and servers.


For its achievements, AMD has received a "Top Project of the Year 2016" award by Energy Manager Today.  As one judge said, “AMD did an excellent job improving the energy efficiency of its products with its 6th and 7th generation APUs. The reduction in energy usage is truly impressive.”  To learn more, see Spotlight on Energy Manager Today Award Winners: AMD - Energy Manager Today


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