Could your face—and your voice—be the key to your fortune?

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Does this scenario sound familiar?

Login name……let me think, first initial last name? Oh no, that’s right, I think it’s my email address, let’s try that.

Password, that’s my old standby ‘judy123’. Drats, didn’t work. Oh wait, I think this website made me put in a capital letter, ok let’s try ‘Judy123’. Double drat. Ok, that’s right, I think I had to put in a special character too, let’s try ‘Judy123&’. Triple drat!

Ok, let me find my post it note with all my login names and passwords – oh, there we go. That was easy…

Actually, the better question is not “has this happened to you,” but “how many times a day does this happen to you?”

As we put an increasing amount of personal data online, privacy and security are necessarily on everyone’s mind. Yet with no standard rules regarding login names and passwords, we are confronted with a dizzying array of authentication schemes and login routines that we need to recall. That leads to bad habits (securing your banking info, Netflix account and Facebook with your pet’s name) and the repeated frustration I described above.

Why don’t our own computers recognize us?

Some steps have been taken in that direction. Some business-oriented laptops have fingerprint readers-- a good idea, but can be costly.

It would make more sense if the rest of us could take advantage of the hardware we already have, but gain the benefits and convenience of being recognized by our computers.



In fact, AMD has started down that path. It began with free software called AMD Face Login that was developed in conjunction with our technology partner CyberLink, one of the top providers of media software that comes pre-installed on consumer PCs shipping today. AMD Face Login uses the standard camera that is already built into your tablet or PC to recognize your face. You can use AMD Face Login to log into Windows and even some of your favorite websites1.  This can be really convenient, but some people worry that someone using a high definition picture or even video can fake out the software. They needn’t worry, we are incorporating additional security to be on the safe side… Voice authentication.

AMD is working with a fantastic new technology partner Nuance-- world renowned experts in voice technology and intelligent systems. This is the team behind popular products such as Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, Nina – the intelligent virtual assistant software, and is the technology used in many consumer devices that that feature voice and personal assistant capabilities. Nuance has very powerful voice biometrics technology that is now optimized for consumer electronics devices, identifying a user based on their actual voice pattern– no pins or passwords required! In fact, Nuance’s voice biometrics technology is already in use by many of the world’s leading banks and enterprises where authentication and fraud prevention are essential.

At CES, we will be demonstrating  how the convenience and ease or voice biometrics combined with facial recognition can provide a secure log in to the PC. You set it up by taking a few photos of your face and speaking any login phrase in any language—or even your personal form of gibberish for that matter-- and you’re done! That means you can have the security of two biometric checks to verify that the person logging in is really you.

You can learn more about the power of Nuance’s voice biometrics technology at Nuance Voice Biometrics – authentication by speech.

In the meantime, AMD continues to look down the road at how to secure and improve the PC experience.  For example, AMD TrueAudio technology  (the sophisticated ACP or Audio Co-Processor) built into AMD’s fourth generation APU “Kaveri” could be used to clean up the voice input for even greater discretion and accuracy in voice recognition.

While there may always be some websites that require special login processes, AMD is working hard to enable a better, safer, and more convenient user experience.

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1. AMD Face Login is designed as a convenient tool to help you log into Windows and many popular websites quickly. It should not be used to protect your computer and personal information from unwanted access. Only available on select AMD A-Series APU-based tablets and notebooks. Requires a webcam, and will only operate on PCs running Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system and Internet Explorer version 9 or 10.  Internet connection is required for website login and use of other online features.

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