• AMD, Cray and Oak Ridge National Labs Recognize the Power of Collaboration on Exascale Day

    At AMD, we are excited to celebrate Exascale Day along with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, as our research and development teams are hard at work to change the world of c...
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  • AMD Brings New Embedded Graphics Cards to Casino Gaming Industry

    The AMD Embedded business provides SoCs and discrete GPUs that enable casino gaming companies to create immersive and beautiful graphics for the latest in casino gaming platforms, which are adopting the same high-qual...
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  • Microsoft Takes Pole Position in Laptops based on AMD Technology

    Introducing the AMD Ryzen 5 and AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Edition Processors: A New Level of Responsiveness and Speed in an Ultra-Slim Design We are thrilled to announce the new AMD Ryzen Surface Edition processo...
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  • 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ Continues Market Momentum with New Customers and New Performance Milestones

    On August 7 this year, AMD changed the data center market with the launch of the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor, the world’s first 7nm and highest performance x86 data center CPU[i]. We hosted an amazing launch even...
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  • The Ecosystem is Ready for 2nd Generation AMD EPYC

    This is an EPYC revolution! The history of AMD innovation continues today with the launch and availability of select AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors. The second-generation milestone in the AMD EPYC family builds on th...
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  • AMD Joins Consortia to Advance CXL, a New High-Speed Interconnect for Breakthrough Performance

    I’m pleased to announce AMD has joined other industry leaders in the Compute Express Link (CXL) Consortium.    Compute Express Link (CXL) is an open industry standard interconnect offering high-bandwi...
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  • AMD and Cray collaborate on world’s fastest supercomputer

    Our strong momentum continues to grow! Last week, we celebrated a solid first quarter and our company’s 50th anniversary. Today , Lisa joined U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry, Oak Ridge ...
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  • AMD and Nutanix Collaborate to Bring Freedom of Choice to the Datacenter

    As AMD celebrates 50 years as a company, one of our latest innovations for the enterprise, the AMD EPYC™ processors, have gained momentum across datacenter and cloud computing segments. One of the key ...
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  • Get More Productivity, Professional and Protection features with AMD Ryzen™ PRO and Athlon™ PRO Mobile Processors

    We understand your business. You need fast devices to keep up with your business, security features to help keep your data safe and manageability to keep your fleet organized and up to date. Upgrade Your Experience an...
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  • AMD EPYC 7371, Bringing Speed to HPC Workloads

    While numerous HPC workloads benefit from the core performance and industry leading memory bandwidth[i] of the AMD EPYC™ 7000 series process family there’s a set of workloads that only scale when they get ...
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  • Evolving system design for High Performance Computing

    Today, I had the pleasure to address attendees at the 2019 Rice Oil & Gas HPC conference and discuss AMD’s vision for the HPC community and how the required compute power can continue to grow. With 5.6 milli...
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  • Making Telecoms EPYC at Mobile World Congress

    The telecommunications world is starting its annual pilgrimage to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. At the show, you can imagine that we’ll once again hear about the latest and greatest smartphones, the progr...
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  • AMD EPYC Makes a Strong Case for Containerized Apps

    We have talked a lot about the value proposition for EPYC™ processors in virtualized environments, including a potential TCO savings of up to 45% in scenarios where AMD estimates competitive dual-socket system c...
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  • A Great Time to Move to AMD EPYC on Azure

    Performance. Optimization. Security. These are the building blocks for the AMD EPYC™ processor and what every customer can expect when they use AMD EPYC. Whether in an enterprise datacenter, a high-performance c...
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  • Chromebooks™ Powered by AMD A-series processors for Students and Teachers

    Accelerated Learning, Creation and Consumption for Students and Teachers Inspire students and teachers with incredible visuals for the interactive classroom. Chromebooks™ powered by AMD A-series processors offe...
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  • Windows Notebooks Powered by AMD A-series processors for Students and Teachers

    Accelerated Learning, Creation and Consumption for Students and Teachers Inspire students and teachers with incredible visuals for the interactive classroom. Windows devices powered by AMD A-series processors offer s...
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  • HPE and AMD: A Year Later

    What a year for the AMD and HPE teams! Only six months ago, I blogged about the AMD EPYC™ team heading to HPE Discover in Las Vegas and now we’re finishing up with HPE Discover in Madrid. It’s been a...
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  • Building an HPC Software Ecosystem

    High-performance computing (HPC) has grown to a point where it is a critical component of new technology advancements in academia and a wide array of industries in both the public and private sectors. Scientific resea...
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  • EPYC™ Momentum in the Channel

    Previously, I covered the arrival of the AMD EPYC processor era in the channel and the commencement of a revolutionary journey in the datacenter. Today I’m pleased to give an update and highlight a few of the ke...
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  • AMD EPYC™ Processor Support for Microsoft’s Project Olympus Adds Radeon™ Instinct GPU Acceleration

    This week at the Open Compute EU Summit in Amsterdam I had the pleasure of rolling out along with ZT Systems and Microsoft, a powerful new addition to the AMD EPYC processor ecosystem. A leading provider to hyperscale...
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