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Data security is at an inflection point. As the threats faced by consumers, businesses and countries continue to grow, the need for smart security solutions that incorporate silicon and software becomes even more important.  The ability to bring these innovative solutions to market depends upon a strong ecosystem, highlighted by public policies supporting research; protection of intellectual property; public-private partnership; a fair and open competitive landscape; and certainly, the skills and imagination of a talented workforce located worldwide.


ITI_1.JPGAMD recently demonstrated security solutions for data fencing and data loss prevention at the prestigious 2016 ITI Tech Show in Washington D.C., as Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) celebrates 100 years of innovation. 


Today, commercial and government IT departments need to tackle internal and external security threats. The cost of security breaches make headline news ensuring that the damage is far beyond the theft of data; it hits right at the heart of an organization’s reputation making security and data protection a top-of-mind issue among CIOs.


Government officials, staff and industry representatives saw AMD’s security technologies, which combine silicon-level security with the AMD Secure Processor and the standards-based ARM® TrustZone® software ecosystem. Together with AMD’s security partners, ExactTrak and OptioLabs, attendees experienced first-hand features that address the contemporary needs of commercial and government IT deployments.


Last year, AMD became the first company to combine an x86 processor with ARM TrustZone in the AMD PRO range of Accelerated Processing Units for mobile products, and was the first supplier to bring TrustZone to the Windows®-based PC markets. The AMD PRO range of Accelerated Processing Units combine energy efficient, high performance processing with breathtaking graphics capabilities alongside security and manageability features critical for commercial and government environments.


AMD collaborates widely throughout the security ecosystem so that our customers have choice, backed up by cutting-edge silicon that serves as a root of trust for users.


“AMD was pleased to present at the ITI Tech Show on the organization’s 100th year,” said Diane Stapley, Director of Alliances. “We were thrilled to include technology partners at this impressive event, showcasing how AMD is combines state-of-the-art silicon with innovative and unique security hardware and software solutions.”


Alongside AMD, ExactTrak and OptioLabs showcased their latest products on AMD-based notebooks from HP. 


Norman Shaw, CEO of ExactTrak said, “It is a pleasure to partner with AMD to bring ExactTrak’s mobile data security technology to the ITI Tech Show. Combining our technology with AMD’s expertise in silicon helps organizations and governments to meet regulatory requirements for data fencing and data loss prevention.”


Gregg Smith, CEO of OptioLabs said, “AMD and OptioLabs provide a compelling solution to the problem of unauthorized access to information, tackling the last foot of data security. Being able to demonstrate OptioAware at the ITI Tech Show is extremely exciting for us and will help attendees experience first-hand its benefits.”




We were honored to meet Deputy Secretary of Labor, Christopher Lu (pictured on the left) and John Miller, Vice President for Global Policy and Law, Cybersecurity and Privacy, ITI (pictured on the right) and showcase the work AMD and its partners do. Earlier in the day we met middle and high school students from the E.L. Haynes Charter School and the Seed School. It is always exciting to meet kids enthusiastic about STEM subjects and getting a glimpse at the future captains of our industry.


For 100 years ITI has been at the forefront of championing new technology, and we congratulate ITI on its continued leadership.



Susan Moore is AMD’s Corporate Vice President of Public Affairs, and is the immediate past Chair of Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). Her postings are her own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.


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