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As businesses look to purchase new desktops and laptops, security is one of the most important considerations. Companies need reliable PCs that protect against modern security threats, and software-based security alone is no longer enough. Cooperation between hardware and software is necessary to meet the needs of today’s security paradigms. AMD provides a hardware-based root of trust in our 7th Generation AMD PRO processors to which software can attach, providing that cooperation function, resulting in a world-class security solution.

7th gen AMD PRO.png


7th Generation AMD PRO processors are equipped with integrated and dedicated AMD Secure Processor technology. This technology, built into every one of our 7th Gen AMD PRO processors, leverages a dedicated ARM® Cortex®-A5 core that creates a comprehensive secure environment by offloading and isolating security-related applications or functions from the main CPU core complex. This helps to ensure sensitive data and trusted applications remain secure.


AMD believes in open standards-based architectures wherever possible which is one of the reasons we chose the ARM TrustZone® technology. We believe in a system-level approach to security that utilizes the AMD Secure Processor and a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to provide key security functions such as trusted boot. With ARM TrustZone, we have embraced the industry-standards approach that taps a wide ecosystem of hardware and software partners.


One additional aspect that makes AMD Secure Technology unique is that it is built right into the AMD PRO processor instead of being a separate processor outside the computer’s main CPU. This helps in three ways. First, security functions are handled within the processor itself; secure information isn’t moved to and from a separate location. Second, the system is protected from the first touch of the power button, before the operating system loads. Finally, it means that every 7th Gen AMD PRO based desktop and notebook comes ready for secure operation; there’s no additional, separate security hardware to purchase, no confusion as to which of your businesses’ PCs are capable of secure operation.


Security is a top priority at AMD. As we continue to design and improve our AMD PRO product line, we are committed to developing robust security solutions that help protect our enterprise customers against threats. By using a combination of hardware- and software-level security and leveraging open, standards-based architecture, AMD PRO processors offer world-class security options for our business customers, designed to meet and exceed their security needs.


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