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From ideation to service and disposal, managing the entire lifecycle of a product has never been so critical. Great lengths are taken by many industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer products and electronics, to be innovative and deliver better quality products. In getting to market quickly, many of these companies face commercial challenges in reducing design and production costs.


As an IT executive supporting a leading manufacturing organization, you face increased scrutiny to deliver more business value, maintain existing infrastructure and implement audacious, new projects all within defined budgets. Meanwhile converging trends in social, mobile, cloud, and big data compound the complexity while creating opportunities to drive innovation and create product and service advantages.


Many enterprises today rely on NX from Siemens PLM Software, which provides a professional environment to design, optimize, and simulate digital products. High quality, real-time 3D modeling is essential to the entire product development process, with assemblies having hundreds or even thousands of components. AMD FirePro professional graphics cards are designed for this purpose, with extensive testing and certifications by Siemens and AMD to ensure high levels of performance and reliability to help you realize innovation.




AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics family: a scalable solution for the enterprise

Today’s rapidly changing environment requires solutions that are dependable, reliable, flexible, and open that can help:

  • Ensure interoperability within your workflow with a growing number of applications,
  • Improve accessibility and usability for a global workforce (Including workforce, partners, customers),
  • Accelerate product innovation, and
  • Improve global product development.


Whatever the user’s role, the use case or the discipline, AMD FirePro graphics can provide value throughout your organization:


  • On the go, or right on the shop floor, if mobility is paramount to your processes. AMD offers a large number of AMD FirePro mobile graphics solutions that are designed to handle your needs for rendering, designing, manufacturing, or sharing design information with your supplier or customer.
  • For product reviews, and to access 2D and 3D design data in order to make well informed decisions early enough to impact product development, AMD FirePro™ W2100 graphics can be the right solution at an affordable price.
  • For a design engineers, AMD FirePro™ W4100 graphics are designed to provide excellent quality and performance for part design, drafting, and small assemblies with NX™ and Solid Edge®.
  • For design simulation and manufacturing engineers who require additional performance and real-time visualization, AMD FirePro™ W5100 graphics are an ideal choice for design, manufacturing, and medium size assemblies.
  • For product designers who require manipulating and visualizing very large assemblies, the AMD FirePro™ W7100 is a fantastic graphics card that is designed for the required level of engineering, rendering and simulation.
  • For simulation engineers and structural analysts who require the most in terms of graphics power and performance, the ultra-high-end AMD FirePro™ W9100 graphics card delivers more than two TeraFLOPS of double-precision performance and 16 GB of dedicated memory, and is designed to handle complex designs and simulations jobs with OpenCL™ accelerated NX Nastran®.



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