Join the EPYC Conversation on Facebook Live July 18 

Blog Post created by scott.aylor Employee on Jul 14, 2017

It has been quite the month for datacenter news across the industry. With a lot of information flying around, we want to take a moment to engage directly and answer questions regarding our EPYC™ 7000 series of high-performance server processors, launched in June and designed to once again deliver AMD innovation to the datacenter.


We invite you to join Forrest Norrod, SVP and GM of Enterprise, Embedded & Semi-Custom Products (EESC), Kevin Lepak, AMD Fellow, and me, Scott Aylor, CVP and GM, Enterprise Solutions on Tuesday, July 18 from 12:00-1:00 pm CT for a Facebook Live Q&A where we will be addressing questions from the community about our “Zen” architecture, EPYC processor performance and workload metrics, and our robust ecosystem of OEMs, ODMs, cloud providers and hardware partners that stand behind EPYC. We’ll also be available to answer other technical inquiries on what this new processor means for the datacenter.


As a quick reminder, you can keep up with all things EPYC here.


For more background, below are links to a comprehensive list of EPYC processor information resources, including white papers, AMD Datacenter Tech Day presentations, videos, Launch Day executive presentations and more. You can also access this information in one place here.


We look forward to continuing the EPYC conversation!




  • “AMD EPYC SoC Breaks Records with SPEC CPU Benchmarks” Performance Brief
  • “AMD EPYC SoC Delivers Exceptional Results on the STREAM Benchmark on 2P Servers” Performance Brief
  • “EPYC: Designed for Effective Performance” Whitepaper
  • “Power / Performance Determinism” Whitepaper
  • “SpecCPU 2017 & Changing Performance” Whitepaper


Disruptive Technologies

  • “AMD EPYC Empowers Single Socket Servers” Whitepaper
  • “Trusting in the CPU: Getting to the Roots of Security” Whitepaper
  • SEV and VM Boot Security Video
  • “AMD EPYC Empowers Server GPU Deep Learning” Whitepaper

Partner/Customer Ecosystem

“AMD EPYC SoC Breaks Records with SPEC CPU Benchmarks”