Barco’s ClickShare Taps AMD for Simplified Meeting Room Experience

Blog Post created by colin.cureton Employee on Jan 31, 2017

Meeting Room Mishaps

You have a big presentation and arrive to the meeting room early to set up your laptop to the display monitor. Surprise! There is only one VGA cable when you have an HDMI port on your personal computer (PC). Or the menu is so convoluted you’re unable to connect wirelessly. Or you’re prompted to complete a software update that will take more than 30 minutes before you can project your screen onto the display monitor. Worst case all three scenarios occur. Nearly every professional has dealt with some form of a presentation hiccup that has nothing to do with the content of the meeting itself, which can have serious ramifications in the workplace. A recent study by AMD Embedded customer Barco reported that 9 out of 10 office workers deal with technology-related stress in meetings, affecting productivity, business and even promotions.


To address this challenge, Barco recently expanded its ClickShare product portfolio with the CSE-800 wireless presentation system. This new system will bring the company’s signature one-click content sharing experience to large meeting rooms and boardrooms, changing the way ideas are shared and improving productivity with an easy-to-use solution.


AMD’s Embedded R-Series processor expands the possible for Barco by providing the high-performance compute and graphics capabilities that enable the ClickShare CSE-800 to significantly improve user experience.


Barco.pngPlug Into Simplicity, Tap Into Amazing

The ClickShare CSE-800 simplifies how meeting participants present and collaborate. Key benefits include:

  • Instant information sharing: easily connects wirelessly to PCs, Macs and mobile devices, and allows up to eight users to present simultaneously with dual 4K video output. With the tap of a button, users are instantly in presentation mode.
  • Connect and interact: enables participants to present anywhere, anytime and from any device, with large-scale connectivity for up to 64 users as well as white boarding and annotation functions for interactive team working.
  • Highly secure and simple to support: encrypts video and audio automatically with no training or installation. The CSE-800 also requires zero cables or adaptors to pair devices to the display.
  • For the boardroom and beyond: increases collaboration and productivity for enterprise meetings, keeping employees focused on business goals instead of troubleshooting technical glitches.


What comes across as a rich yet simplified experience with the ClickShare CSE-800 requires substantial technology expertise on the back end, which is where AMD comes in.


Why AMD?

AMD’s Embedded R-Series accelerated processing unit (APU) enables Barco to pack a lot of complex technology in a compact form factor for the CSE-800 system. With support for simultaneous multi-streaming of 4K content and a scalable portfolio of Embedded products, AMD is the ideal partner for Barco. Here’s a snapshot of what the AMD Embedded R-Series APU delivers:

  • High-performance x86 compute power, scalable up to 35W and with CPU frequencies up to 3.4GHz to support simultaneous display of ultra high-definition (UHD) content without interruption or delay.
  • Significant GPU capabilities to enable high-quality image composition from multiple sources.
  • 4K display support for up to three displays.
  • Universal video decode technology for multi-stream decoding of HD and 4K video.
  • AMD Secure Processor for encryption of video and audio data to enable a secure solution.


AMD is excited to support Barco’s efforts in bringing people, content and ideas together in a seamless way with the ClickShare CSE-800.


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