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AMD’s Embedded team is making waves at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) event this week with a big customer win and the launch of two new discrete embedded GPUs designed for casino gaming, digital signage, medical imaging and more.


Leading off news at the show, the Embedded group announced the Radeon™ E9260 and E9550 GPUs, the industry’s first discrete embedded graphics cards based on AMD’s new Polaris architecture.


Leveraging an optimized 14nm FinFET process and providing up to 5.8 TFLOPS performance, these new GPUs help embedded designers up the ante on graphics, performance, energy efficiency and displays across various form factors.


The E9260 and E9550 will help our customers to push the boundaries on end-user experiences in multiple fields. In addition to casino gaming, companies in the medical imaging and digital signage segments can benefit from the new graphics cards.  


Speaking of customers, International Gaming Technology (IGT) has selected our Radeon™ E9260 embedded graphics card for its new CrystalCurve ULTRA™ gaming machine. Taking advantage of AMD’s high-powered graphics processing capabilities, the CrystalCurve ULTRA™ will deliver a premium end-user experience with dual 4K monitors at native resolutions – a first in the gaming industry.


In other use cases, radiologists, for example, can provide faster scans with advanced quality images by using more displays at a high resolution. Diagnoses can be made faster and more easily, optimizing doctors’ time and improving patients’ experience.


Retailers can leverage the new GPUs to not only add intelligence, touch and increased interactivity to digital ads, but to also blend gathered data with augmented reality (AR) so that the consumer is pulled into the platform. For example, while passing by a digital ad for a clothing store, the consumer can virtually ‘try on’ clothes and collect accessories, fully immersing the consumer.


Thanks to high-performance consoles and PC systems, end-users now expect a richer and more immersive casino gaming experience, putting pressure on gaming companies to significantly boost visual experiences without consuming too much power. The E9260 does just that for IGT, delivering stunning graphics, performance-per-watt gains over previous embedded GPUs, and advanced 4K encode/decode multimedia processing capabilities.


We are excited to inspire the next generation of embedded products in a growing number of vertical markets with our newest GPUs, and predict continued success for IGT with its game-changing CrystalCurve ULTRA™ machine. Game on!


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