Partner Spotlight: Servers are like brains: More utilized is better.

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What should organizations considering new servers keep in mind to get what they need? Is there value in choosing the latest and greatest?

You know that fact about how most of us only use a small percentage of our brains at a time? The same tends to happen with servers.


Many companies don’t require maximum compute power to manage their data and applications. Most of our customers are not doing complex genome mapping or analyzing fluid dynamics; they are running email, cloud, database, and business applications workloads. These same customers need a highly-capable, enterprise-grade server to power their businesses with enough extra juice to handle the highs and power efficiency to manage the lows.


Most servers don’t operate at full capacity. I’ve even seen some studies that found server utilization as low as 4%. It’s like driving an exotic sports car when a compact does the trick.


The enterprise-grade AMD-based HPE ProLiant DL385 server is the ideal option for budget-minded customers because it delivers the performance they need at the price they want and includes extra room for growth.


How far ahead are organizations planning when considering new servers? How far ahead should they be planning?

It depends on the organization and its needs. Smaller to mid-size customer timeframes are usually a little shorter due to the fact that they need to be nimble because these customers are constantly trying to grow. But planning sessions for companies like major online social sites or e-tailers could take anywhere from 6-18 months.


It’s just like Mike Tyson once said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” That is why our current generation of DL385 is a great backup server solution. It can help customers pivot into a direction they were not expecting to be in.


Which workloads and scenarios are AMD-based HPE ProLiant DL385 servers best suited to? For organizations already using Intel-based servers, can they adopt AMD-based servers to achieve their objectives?


Backup – When customers are looking to purchase a Veeam or Convault solution, they should also consider HPE DL385 because these customers are looking for an affordable way to back up their environments.


Cache – During E-Rate season for K-12 and local Libraries, this is a great way to obtain a server that can run caching as well as other workloads.


Even if your organization is using Intel-based servers, you can take advantage of AMD-based HPE ProLiant DL385 servers for dedicated workloads such as SQL, Backup, and Cache, and may save considerable money doing so.


Why is now an opportune time to consider these solutions? Where can people go to learn more?

How about 5 reasons?


1. Smarter IT economics – With HPE ProLiant DL385 Servers, you get a server platform with enterprise-grade features at midmarket prices. That gives you the budget flexibility to channel money towards fixing problems like security and reliability.

2. Right-sized performance – Like I mentioned earlier, the HPE ProLiant DL385 provides a reliable and efficient server platform that delivers the right amount of performance to meet most all of your business needs.

3. Enterprise-grade reliability and manageability – Single or dual-socket HPE ProLiant DL385 servers include accessibility, security, and out-of-the-box manageability features. In other words, these servers can run the most common upper-midmarket workloads like an enterprise-level champ.

4. User-inspired design features and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service + Support – This all comes standard with design features like 24/7 continuous health monitoring, 100% configuration change logging, and faster problem analysis and resolution. In other words, rest assured knowing your servers and applications are safe and sound.

5. A great deal – As of today, CDW is offering these servers for 34% off the list price! It doesn’t get much better than that.


To learn more, contact your CDW account manager or visit the HPE ProLiant DL385 page on



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