A New Year, a New Era of Innovation

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On January 14, AMD and key industry partners welcomed the AMD Opteron™ A1100 System-on-Chip (SoC) to the 64-bit ARM® datacenter arena. We knew this signified a major step toward delivering choice, innovation, and scalable performance in the datacenter, but we didn’t know how analysts and other experts would react.


In its review of the AMD Opteron A1100 SoC, RackSolutions may have said it best: “If you take eight machines that can process infinite amounts of instructions, all working for you at the same time, the amount of data you can store, manage, and circulate in a short period of time grows to outrageous numbers. Translation: you now have a computing system that is almost as fast at processing and storing information as the human brain. Couple this with a high-speed internet connection and you have one of the best networking systems available to the world at this time.”


Offering high-speed network and storage connectivity with outstanding energy efficiency, the AMD Opteron A1100 SoC is a high-performance 64-bit ARM CPU with integrated dual 10Gb Ethernet. With major implications for organizations with demanding server workloads, the best may be yet to come as our ARM ecosystem partners build on this SoC and unveil new innovations.


“The secret of the AMD Opteron A1100 SoC’s appeal is not just the cores, it’s everything around the cores,” said Norman Fraser, CEO of SoftIron. “If you’ve got an application where you need to move large amounts of data around quickly, you’re going to love it.”


SoftIron backs up this claim with the Overdrive 3000, an ARM developer system powered by an 8-core AMD Opteron A1100 SoC combined with a complete development environment for ARM-based applications. Pre-installed with Linux® from either SUSE Enterprise or openSUSE—and with a complete GNU tool chain—the Overdrive 3000a allows developers to generate portable code and test it in a production environment.


Other hardware partners, including 96Boards, CASwell, and Silver Lining Systems, are capitalizing on the AMD Opteron A1100 SoC, creating solutions to serve a variety of workloads ranging from hyperscale computing to network function virtualization. And with support from software partners including ENEA, Linaro, RedHat, and SUSE, the future of the ARM ecosystem looks bright—and customers agree.


“The Netzyn Application Streaming Platform (NzASP) was designed for service providers and app vendors to deploy at scale, supporting tens of thousands of servers and tens of millions of app instances,” said Steve Bakke, Founder and CTO of Netzyn.  “After evaluating the AMD Opteron A1100 Series processor, we found it to provide compelling performance and power efficiency for many of our streaming applications, and we look forward to continued collaboration with AMD and their hardware partners to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.”


Who wouldn’t want more choice, right-sized performance, and the ability to accelerate the time to deploy ARM? We’re proud to say that with the AMD Opteron A1100 SoC, the future of datacenter innovation looks brighter than ever.


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