Server Newsletter November 2015: Supercomputing Conference Spotlight

Blog Post created by lawrence.latif Employee on Nov 16, 2015

ben_sander.jpgBen Sander

HSA Software Architect, AMD


As you and your team prepare for SC15, what have you been up to since last year’s Supercomputing Conference?

There’s been a lot of advancement. Last year we showcased some initial work on HSA with AMD APU technology. That initial demonstration was all about power efficiency, and it was well received by attendees. But this year, we’re building on previous tools to create a C++ compiler that could have very positive implications across a broad spectrum of computing platforms, from embedded to supercomputing. The goal of this work is to increase compiler stability and support a wider variety of hardware, which could further unlock and simplify a broader range of hardware, both in terms of GPUs and APUs. It’s about achieving greater performance and power efficiency. I can’t share all of the details quite yet, but we have some exciting announcements slated for the conference.


Who is AMD working with to develop this?

Our engineers are collaborating with MulticoreWare (MCW) engineers to develop the C++ compiler. Like AMD, MCW is a member of the HSA Foundation, and their Chief Technology Officer, Wen-Mei Hwu, is one of the foremost compiler experts in the world. As you might expect, AMD and MCW working together makes sense to share expertise, and it’s been a great experience.


How could this compiler potentially impact different workloads or industries?

There’s broad potential for taking advantage of this compiler technology. Machine learning. Parallel computing. These are a couple areas where this compiler could positively impact HPC. This could also be used across a breadth of industries, such as oil and gas, life sciences, finance. In situations where people are running programs based in C++, this compiler technology could help enable the wider use of devices like AMD FirePro™ GPUs in HPC.


What else can SC15 attendees expect from AMD during the conference?

AMD and our technology partners are presenting a variety of innovations, from single developers to enterprise development. Expect a whole host of demos for our AMD FirePro™ products, not to mention some demos on ARM® development, including SoftIron’s Overdrive 3000. If you can attend SC15, I highly recommend it.





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