Are you gaining performance that matters?

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This article was authored by Matthew Kimball, Strategic Marketing Manager at AMD.


Price. Performance. Reliability. Which has the biggest impact on purchase decisions? Or does it come down to finding the right balance of all three?


Every business has to balance these factors, among others. And while most businesses’ demands on IT increase each year, most IT budgets don’t. Whether you’re approaching end of life of legacy servers or embarking on new applications or web projects, when it comes to investing in new server infrastructure, finding the right balance of price, performance, and reliability is critical.


It doesn’t make sense to pay for solutions that don’t provide enough performance, or to overpay for performance you won’t use, or to invest in unreliable solutions. And according to IDC’s 2013 Server Workload Forecast and Analysis Study, 65% of mid-sized businesses’ server workloads only hit bottlenecks when memory or I/O max out, not CPU. The remaining 35%? Only about 10% truly tax the speed and processing capability of the CPU. It makes you wonder how many businesses are overpaying for wasted compute.


CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, data center managers… these are smart, discerning people, which makes it even more curious why some pay for server performance they won’t use to run recurring daily workloads. The smarter approach is ensuring enough performance to get the job done right for the right price. This can free up budget to invest in performance-boosting enhancements to memory capacity and I/O, or perhaps fund overdue IT initiatives. This approach can extend IT budgets and investments while enabling great user experiences at the best price. I call that an all-around win.


If you believe in pursuing a smarter approach to infrastructure investments, HP and AMD offer smarter server solutions tailored to your needs. Both HP and AMD have a heritage of reliable, enterprise-grade performance, and HP ProLiant rack and blade servers built on AMD Opteron™ series processors power some of the most mission-critical applications in the world’s largest data centers—from virtualization, database and cloud to LOB, unified communications, and multi-purpose needs. Tried and true, these HP ProLiant servers now come at an even smarter price for potentially significant CapEx savings compared to many of the alternatives. Even if you’ve standardized on another CPU vendor, it’s worth learning how much you can save by matching these HP ProLiant server solutions to your needs.


The next time you’re evaluating servers, think about the platform that is going to provide the biggest bang for your buck. Think about server technology that will deliver the right amount of compute at the best price. It comes down to performance that matters, and AMD-based HP ProLiant servers deliver that in spades. Don’t take my word for it—see for yourself at




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