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Amidst a cornucopia of visual attractions and distractions, AMD demonstrated an 8K resolution future of displays to attendees at InfoComm 14. The annual event brings together manufacturers, system integrators, end users and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries to view the latest and greatest in professional audiovisual and information communications.


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AMD has always been on the cutting edge of visual solutions and has led the charge on a variety of display technologies. AMD offers industry leading multidisplay technology with AMD Eyefinity, and AMD was first and is still the only vendor to support up to six displays from a single GPU.  In the professional market, AMD enabled edge blending, image warping, and color correction with Scalable Display through our AMD FirePro DOPP (Display Output Post-Processing) feature. AMD was also one of the first to embrace support for Miracast, the industry standards based solution for wireless displays.


From that powerful heritage of display and graphics innovation, AMD unveiled new, cutting-edge display technologies at InfoComm 14. With 4K displays now a reality and almost the expected norm in the professional graphics industry, the natural progression is to ask what lies beyond 4K displays. AMD answered that question by demonstrating four 4K displays driven from a single AMD FirePro graphics card - exactly the same number of pixels of an 8K display. In fact the media server, which contained two AMD FirePro™ graphics card, drove a total of eight 4K displays for a total of 66 MPixels!


AMD also demonstrated a prototype monitor that supports FreeSync, AMDs technology based on VESA’s DisplayPort Adaptive sync. Vertical synchronization, or v-sync, is the traditional solution to screen tearing, but it introduces its own problems. FreeSync helps solve tearing without those problems or the use of proprietary technology. AMD recently published a blog on the subject of FreeSync as part of an ecosystem around display technologies that helps reduce unwanted visual artifacts such as tearing, stuttering and input latency. AMD has applied that
solution to the professional graphics market with a demonstration at InfoComm 14.


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Finally, AMD’s Display SW Architect Syed Hussain presented the topic of end-to-end display pipeline on behalf of VESA in the talk entitled “DisplayPort: 4K and Beyond”. He explained the end-to-end system bottlenecks that need to be alleviated in order to support higher than 4K resolutions. Additionally, Syed provided insight on how to support beyond 4K resolutions with different techniques offered by DisplayPort.


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