OpenCL: Be Locked or Be Free

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Bristol, England was the focal point for all things OpenCL™ as the academic communities and key stakeholders gathered together for the annual International Workshop on OpenCL ( AMD was a gold sponsor of the annual meeting about OpenCL™ where users, researchers, developers and suppliers shared best practices, while promoting the evolution and advancement of the OpenCL standard.


AMD’s participation at the event is just one example our deep commitment to an open ecosystem that benefits the industry and customers alike. 


The event began with a keynote presentation from Simon McIntosh-Smith, head of the Microelectronics Research Group at the University of Bristol. His presentation showcased the use of OpenCL along with the AMD FirePro™ S10000 server graphics card with the Bristol University Docking Engine to exploit the performance of modern many-core processors in drug screening.

The conference was visited by attendees from 14 countries, 35 companies and 18 different academic institutions. And just to underline the interest in OpenCL, attendance almost tripled from last year’s conference.


AMD joined other exhibitors in the conference with a unique demonstrations. Developed by the AMD FirePro team, the AMD Waterfall demo featured an FTS Celsius R930 Workstation with the AMD FirePro W9100 and a 4K monitor.


Designed to showcase OpenCL and OpenGL interoperability, in the waterfall particle simulation, the solution computed the collision of each particle in order to roll it along the rocks. The other simulation with a lake featured a 2D grid simulation showing the movement of each node of the grid being computed depending on its neighbor nodes. Both simulations were computed with OpenCL while the rendering was carried out with OpenGL.


The AMD motto was “Be Locked or Be Free”, to emphasize to attendees the open source nature of OpenCL. And with a growing community of programmers  and contributing companies to the open standard platform, software developers have access to a growing body of tools, resources and shared “best practices” they can draw from to create powerful applications.


IWOCL 2014 presentations are available for download from Agenda & Slides from 2014 | IWOCL


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