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By Kelly Gillilan, AMD Embedded Solutions

At AMD, we view the embedded industry as segmented into different vertical markets (or “verticals”), such as digital signage, industrial control, factory automation, communications, medical imaging, embedded gaming, etc. And each of these verticals has its own ecosystem of suppliers, developers, integrators, and even technologies. Yet at the recent G2E Asia event, an industry event specifically for the casino gaming market, I noticed a convergence of technologies typically associated with different vertical markets at levels I had not seen in the past.

One such example is the “smart” virtual dealer. Many companies demonstrated virtual dealers comprised of video segments of actual dealers who would perform actions (deal cards, collect the cards, call for bets, etc.) depending on the circumstance. Some companies took that technology to the next level by incorporating facial/player recognition technologies to determine the playing audience. By incorporating this type of technology (which was typically found in digital signage applications), the dealers would know who was sitting at which play stations and could provide direct interaction—making direct eye contact, giving words of encouragement,  congratulating the winners, etc.—with those players.


Another example is the use of equipment typically found in a factory automation setting to drive some of the games. At G2E, I saw robotic arms running roulette wheels, traditional motors driving gigantic 20’ wheel games, and even platforms designed to shake dice. Pneumatics were also often used to reset ball positions or to help control the flow of objects. It appears that a new level of mechanical components will be playing a key part in future casino games.

And speaking of future casino games, it also became very clear that not only will developers demand hardware solutions capable of driving the high resolution content which players expect, but also capable of handling the additional computation required with the integration of these aforementioned technologies—[shameless plug] something our recently launched 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU platform is ideal for [/shameless plug].

At the end of the day, this convergence of technologies enables the development of more efficient, yet greater eye-catching solutions which casino game designers are using to set them apart from the rest of their competitors.

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