AMD at SIGGRAPH 2014 – A Marriage of Graphics Technology and AMD Achievement

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By Rita Turkowski, AMD Customer Marketing Manager


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For me, attending SIGGRAPH is a yearly tradition. I can think of no company better suited to reaping the intellectual fruits of the annual SIGGRAPH harvest than AMD.  As SIGGRAPH is ACM’s (the Association for Computing Machinery) annual conference for all things 3D graphics, it is very useful for us on the embedded gaming team to learn about the latest developments and achievements in 3D algorithms and techniques so we may stay competitive by offering our customers the state-of-the-art graphics hardware they need and expect from us.


Of course, AMD had a booth in the main exhibit hall showcasing our cutting-edge graphics products, but AMD Technology and Engineering also had a cool virtual reality (VR) demo in the Emerging Technologies hall. It was a demo created with the same monsters from the AMD Consumer Electronic Show 2014 demo, “Monsters in the Orchestra”; the same monsters used as well in the AMD Embedded Solution team’s “Monsters in the Casino” demonstration. This time “Monsters in the Casino” featured Sony’s as-yet unreleased Morpheus headsets. With six stations for visitors (headsets and monitors), controlled by one Sony PlayStation* server, this demo was a big hit with queues often extending outside the booth with people patiently waiting to play the demo, a fun interactive musical experience.


By the way, as novel as 3D graphics and VR are for many, this year was SIGGRAPH’s 41st International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. Beyond the usual bounty of SIGGRAPH papers, panels and courses, the art and animation shows, SIGGRAPH also boasts an impressive Emerging Technologies hall, one that never fails to introduce original interactive techniques, such as the Sony/AMD VR demo I mention above and this year’s award winning demo, Birdly, an Oculus Rift demo, both quite original and fun all around. Beyond the ever-present VR demos there were also graphics creativity stations, many 3D model printers and a good dose of university R&D projects.


From a technical perspective, volumetric rendering was hot again this year, but then again there is almost always a lot of new research on how to manipulate materials at SIGGRAPH, as well as many clever new techniques for lighting and rendering. Beyond 3D graphics, one can find new algorithms and techniques in both sound and physics as well. Be sure to catch this fun video short that delivers a snapshot of technical papers shown at the SIGGRAPH 2014 Animation Festival. Further down on that page, you will find many other shorts about interesting presentations from this year and previous years.


At SIGGRAPH, it is also great to run into a range of fascinating folks, including many from the embedded space, whether casino game developers, arcade designers, hardware board manufacturers, platform designers, tablet makers, digital signage designers, medical haptics device makers and more. While there are many trade show exhibits at SIGGRAPH ranging from hardware providers to new graphics software middleware providers, SIGGRAPH also has a career pavilion, one mostly flooded with animators and game developers looking for work, but where companies in the embedded gaming space, such as VGT, also scout for new game developers. It was great to see so many representatives from the vertical markets that AMD Embedded Solutions focuses on looking to grow their companies and enhance their products with the advancements and experts found at SIGGRAPH’s annual conference.


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