There are not many areas of business that aren't touched by technology these days, including procurement.  As the Corporate VP of Purchasing at AMD, I’m constantly looking for ways to meet expectations of stakeholders and executives, but also trying to find ways to create an environment that ensures quality, supports creativity and continuous innovation.  And you guessed it, the solution lies in technology.


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A few years ago, when AMD selected Zycus, a leading SaaS provider of eProcurement technology, to be our procurement provider of choice, we were faced with the serious challenge of effectively driving cost reductions that also strengthened the business and put in place a foundation for future growth.  Just a few years later, our collaboration with Zycus has helped AMD to achieve world class performance in procurement and set an example for how companies can use technology to meet their procurement goals.


I was recently invited to act as a keynote speaker at Zycus’ Horizons conference, with other members of my team- Garry Christie, Jason Zeakes, Kat Berbel and Karen Martin- also representing AMD as presenters and panelists throughout the conference.


This was a three day event that brought to town roughly 200 procurement professionals from a variety of industries and leading supply chain practitioners such as Gartner, Hackett, Forrester, and Spend Matters, to name a few.  It provided an excellent opportunity to network and share best practices with procurement executives, industry experts and analysts- the same individuals that will define the road map for procurement performance and innovation for business enterprises across the globe.                                                                                                                 


I walked away from the event with new industry knowledge, new business connections, and best of all, a new award to bring home for AMD.  I was honored to be presented with the “High Performing Procurement Leadership,” award.  This is just one more reason I am proud to work at AMD and with a team that has helped push the company to become a leader in the procurement arena.


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