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WinZip just keeps getting better and better! Launched today, WinZip® 18 (see showcases some great new productivity features and add-ons with even more ways for users to be able to zip, protect, convert, and share their files.  AMD maintains a close, collaborative relationship with Corel, who acquired WinZip in 2006, that spans several product groups and technologies.  WinZip 18 carries forward all the prior version’s performance enhancements of the latest OpenCL™ -optimizations for AMD APUs and GPUs as well as the key file and cloud sharing pillars first introduced with WinZip 17:


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  • Fast and convenient “ZIP”: Zipping means compressing and packaging your files into a single .ZIP file. Users only need to double click the .ZIP file to Unzip and access the contents. Managing and sharing a single .ZIP file is much easier than having to deal with multiple files and the resulting compressed file can often be much smaller than the sum of the individual components, depending on the file formats of the content.  WinZip 18 leverages AMD APUs and GPUs to help maximize the performance of both ZIP and UNZIP.


  • “Protect” means to encrypt and password protect the resulting .ZIP file. When you zip one or multiple files, you can select to apply a password to the file and WinZip encrypts the file with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to provide bank-level security. Doing this before sharing (via email, cloud services, or social media) helps protect your information should it fall into unwanted hands. WinZip 18’s optimizations for AMD products also include direct support for the AES instructions in our products, which helps provide a virtually instantaneous experience when adding encryption to your zip process.*


  • “Convert” with WinZip refers to the fact that you can convert files within the WinZip application itself – no need to use a separate program (and multiple steps) to create PDFs, resize JPEGs, and add watermarks to your images. Many people will love the convenience of the WinZip Express add-on for Windows Explorer which enables you to access these key WinZip functions with a simple right click of your mouse. You can even choose a password for your zip file at the same time and upload to multiple cloud services, or send via email or social media – all without leaving Windows Explorer!


  • “Share” with WinZip has never been easier. Designed specifically for cloud services to work with your internet-connect PC, WinZip 18 acts like your command center for your cloud storage and sharing with integrated support for direct uploading to several leading storage providers including Box, CloudMe®, Dropbox, Google Drive™, SkyDrive®, and now SugarSync, along with WinZip’s own ZipSend.  You can also access the files in your cloud account as easily as the files on your system right within the WinZip user interface. Another convenient feature is WinZip’s ability to upload and post files to Facebook, Linked-in, and Twitter – even all 3 simultaneously!


One add-on that AMD is particularly excited about is WinZip Express for Photos, available for $9.95 when you purchase WinZip Standard or WinZip Pro. A useful tool especially for photographers and photo enthusiasts who have hundreds, if not thousands of images from their shoots, WinZip Express for Photos enables a streamlined process where you plug in your camera and with a few clicks, can choose to re-size, add watermarks, and even encrypt them for extra privacy protection. The tool zips your photos into a single, smaller file, and lets you share directly with your cloud accounts, social media, or email – and works with virtually any file format including large RAW native camera images.


In fact, a great companion product for photo workflows is another product from Corel  -  AfterShot™ Pro which is also OpenCL-optimized to leverage AMD APUs and GPUs for accelerated performance.  Team up your digital camera with WinZip Express for Photos plus Corel AfterShot Pro and you have a winning combination. We’ll be featuring AfterShot Pro and highlighting its enhanced performance and capabilities in an upcoming blog. 



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* WinZip 18 optimizations for AMD APUs and GPUs enable up to 175% faster zip rates, with near instantaneous AES encryption. Tests performed by AMD. PC manufacturers may vary their configuration yielding different results.  Test project measure the time to compress a 752.6MB .yuv file using WinZip 18. A desktop PC using AMD A10-6800K APU with AMD Radeon™ HD 8670D graphics, 8G of DDR3-1800 RAM, video driver - 16-Sep-2013, Microsoft Windows 8 Professional (x64) Build 9200, took 120.66 seconds (rate of 6.2 MB/sec) with OpenCL off, 43.89 seconds (rate of 17.1 MB/sec) with OpenCL on, and 44.2 seconds (rate of 17.0 MB/sec) with OpenCL on, AES encryption on. RID-45