Guess who’s back? It has been five years since we last heard of AMD’s iconic character, Ruby.  You caught a glimpse of new and improved Ruby during our live stream of GPU14 but the question remains – where has she been since 2008?


Well, we asked our most passionate fans on the AMD Gaming Facebook page to help us write her backstory. Here’s Ruby’s official backstory that YOU helped us weave: 


Part 1

Awaking, Ruby hesitates to open her eyes. For a second, she forgets where she is: home. She has come home. Still, the idea seems so foreign. For five years she fought to get back here and, now that she has, it doesn’t seem real. In the darkness, her communicator blinks a steady, solitary red light, offering an assignment. She sits up.


“Lights on,” she says. Time accelerates as the room whirs to life. Lithe and nimble, she speeds through her routine – swathing herself in red she is dressed and armed in a flash. Breakfast can wait. She glides toward the door.


Passing a reflection device, she pauses, leaning close to the screen and sweeping her scarlet hair back. The time away has changed her. Unconsciously, she clenches her right fist, producing a gentle metallic sound as her fingers come together. Catching herself, she touches her arm and whispers, “Doesn’t even itch.”


Her hand feels as though blood still runs through it. How is that possible? Spreading her fingers, she senses strength coursing through them. She can waste no more time. She grins, her lip curling slightly on one side. She has a score to settle.




Part 2

Ruby never hits red lights. Well, if she does, she certainly doesn’t stop. The entire car shakes as the city blurs by, neon signs flashing in the corners of her eyes. Behind the wheel, she feels at home. It’s been so long since she’s had this much control. The years away changed her, weakening her resolve…for a time at least.


Now, her strength has returned; in fact, she’s more powerful than ever before. Still, she can’t help thinking back on the lost time. Even as she speeds through the city, sure of where she is going, confident and close to revenge, the memories rush back to her.


Those fools looked so surprised when they “caught” her. Not a single one of the Optico agents thought it strange that she was so easy to apprehend, even after so many years of chasing her around the globe and coming up empty.


It seemed like a great plan: get captured, infiltrate Optico Industries and destroy it from the inside out. She had never expected to get hurt. Upshifting, her right hand clenches the gearshift a little too tightly. She’s still learning to control her new arm. She barely remembers her old one, but she’ll never forget the day she lost it…




Part 3

As Ruby rounds a corner, she downshifts deftly. Oddly, her cybernetic arm feels equally a part of her and the gearshift. That took time, but now she feels strength coursing through it. With every passing moment, every microsecond, she has more control. She is ready to seek vengeance.


Thinking back, she recalls her old arm with only the slightest hint of nostalgia…


For Ruby, “surrounded” is usually a good thing. Encircled by robotic goons atop Optico Industries’ worldwide headquarters, she grinned. Rain fell heavily, mussing her scarlet hair. It was the first time in months that she had been outside. She breathed in deeply while glancing from left to right, counting her adversaries and evaluating her next move.


She had to even the odds. The thugs sprang forward in unison – so predictable – and she leapt upward, laughing aloud as they fell into one another, many short-circuiting immediately. Pulling a jagged piece of metal from the wreckage, she was armed. I could do this blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back, she thought.




With devastating speed, she was ahead by three, four, five moves, maybe more. The rooftop shook as she cut a swathe through the throng, circling back with robots falling behind her in groups, dropping in a staccato rhythm. Suddenly, she was alone…or so she thought.


It happened in a flash. One forgotten enemy hidden in the smoke of battle, one second, one arm gone forever and, worst of all, the one that took it managed to get away. That wouldn’t be the end of it. She tied the tourniquet with her remaining arm. Ah, the irony.


Ruby grinned, her wet hair blowing in the wind. She knew what she had to do next…


Part 4

The car charges on through city streets. Moving forward, Ruby continues to think back…


The rooftop had changed everything. Ruby had lost an arm, yet regained her freedom. The journey that followed, from skyscrapers to slums to shipyards and, finally, to a mountainside hideaway would have been arduous with two hands. It was nearly impossible with one.


But she made it, spurred on by the hope of what she might find there, her stubborn resolve and a burning desire for vengeance. For what seemed like months, she climbed. It was worth it. In the shadow of a snowy peak, she found an old friend, a hidden laboratory, and her salvation in the form of a cybernetic arm. That was just the beginning.


The training that followed was painful and slow. At first, every time she tried to pick something up, it would slip through her right hand. She went through three communicators in the first week. Her sword destroyed countless floor tiles. Coffee mugs were never safe and don’t even get her started on the laser pistol incident.


Initially, she used the metal appendage like a blunt instrument, flinging it about and cutting down practice bots. It was effective albeit unsophisticated. Slowly though, she began to master it, dancing along the slopes, striking with not just force but precision. Still, she could not close her fist. That was a long time ago; things have changed. She is more powerful than ever before.


In the present, the interface windshield screen of her car pinpoints her target, blinking in red. Sure, it’s only another job; another mess to clean up. But this one will be different. He will be there. She stifles a laugh. “He” still seems like an odd way to think about a combat robot, even one of such lofty rank and proven intellect. Energy pulses through her arm.


In a way, I owe him a debt, she thinks, tightening her cybernetic fist. He will get exactly what’s coming to him. With every block, revenge gests closer. Ruby grins as she presses down on the gas pedal.


Are you excited for the return of Ruby?

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