By Kamal Khouri, Director of Marketing, AMD

Given that our AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip (SOC) recently garnered a second major industry award, we are feeling rather humbled (and a little boastful, too).

So let’s start at the beginning. The AMD Embedded G-Series SOC was introduced in April of this year and was well received by the industry for its innovative marrying of an x86 CPU, integrated discrete-class GPU and I/O controller all on the same die.  The SoC opened up more design opportunities for applications where low-power and small form factor were requirements.


AMD Wins an Embeddy™
The technology was essentially brand new in May when industry analyst firm VDC Research bestowed its coveted Embeddy Award on our Embedded G-Series SoC .  The Embeddy Awards honor “the most cutting edge products and services in the embedded design community.”

In discussing the award, VDC said, “Innovations that reduce complexity, footprint, and power are also critical to the future growth of embedded systems. As a result, AMD was awarded the Hardware Embeddy™ for its new G-Series SOC that combines GPU, CPU, and I/O components onto the same piece of silicon.”

VDC noted that the AMD G-Series SOC products fill a unique niche in the embedded hardware market. “By combining powerful graphics and data processing cores along with the I/O controller in a single package, AMD’s new product offerings provide optimally sized processing solutions that minimize complexity. As a result, OEMs can expect that their AMD G-Series SOC powered products will be highly competitive and cost effective for their customers.”




Best Product-AMD-Embedded System_2013.JPG.jpg


Asia Recognition

The Embedded G-Series SOC also won accolades in China, where we took the Best Product Award for the Embedded Systems Development category for 2013, as designated by EDN China.

Winners of the 2013 EDN China Innovation Awards were announced on November 12, 2013, in Shanghai, signaling the end of voting and tallying responses from the magazine’s 50,000 readers and website subscribers. AMD’s Ken Lin, on the right in the photo, accepted the award on our behalf.

The EDN China Innovation Awards have emerged as a highly anticipated and respected accolade in the region for the electronic design industry.

What’s Next?
Awards are great, and so is continual innovation. While the Embedded G-Series SOC has been collecting awards, our team at AMD has begun showcasing our 2014 roadmap for the fast-growing embedded computing market (noting that we are the only company to design  both ARM and x86 processor solutions for low-power and high-performance embedded compute designs).

In 2014, we’ll be introducing our “Steppe Eagle” APU SoC, designed to expand the breadth of the current AMD Embedded G-Series SOC family by providing both higher-performing options and lower-power options. Steppe Eagle will feature an enhanced “Jaguar” CPU core architecture and AMD Graphics Core Next GPU architecture that include new features for increased CPU and GPU frequency. “Steppe Eagle” is designed for low-power embedded applications, and will offer increased performance-per-watt both at a lower TDP than the current AMD Embedded G-Series APU SOC, as well as extending the high-end performance above 2 GHz.

Also among our planned offerings for next year is a new high-performance AMD Embedded R-Series processor family, the “Hierofalcon” CPU SoC family based on the ARM Cortex™-A57 architecture. “Hierofalcon” is the first 64-bit ARM-based platform from AMD targeting embedded data center applications, communications infrastructure and industrial solutions. It will include up to eight ARM Cortex™-A57 CPUs expected to run up to 2.0 GHz, and provides high-performance memory with two 64-bit DDR3/4 channels with error correction code (ECC) for high reliability applications.

2013 has been a good year for AMD’s Embedded Solutions group.  We’ve been humbled by these important awards, and we’re proud of our achievements.  And we’re on a trajectory for some pretty amazing innovation in the coming months for both our AMD Embedded G-Series and Embedded R-Series SOC families. Stay tuned.

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