AMD recently accomplished a feat that no other company has ever achieved – provide the CPU and/or GPU horsepower for all three of the world’s leading current generation game consoles, included in the form of AMD’s semi-custom solutions. At Autodesk University 2013, AMD had the great pleasure of showcasing the Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and Sony Playstation 4. It’s no secret about the popularity of these new game consoles – all with AMD technology inside – but what’s more timely is that the assets for the games are developed with Autodesk solutions powered by AMD FirePro™ workstation graphics. It’s all about pushing the boundaries to create, simulate and visualize the world you live in.


AU2013 Xbone.jpg

AMD and Autodesk have been empowering users with a unique combination of hardware and software. Most recently Autodesk exhibited in the AMD FirePro booth at IBC 2013 to feature new enhancements to the Bullet Physics engine in the Extension for Autodesk Maya 2014 to empower artists to create large-scale, highly-realistic dynamic and kinematic simulations. AMD FirePro workstation graphics accelerate the Bullet plug-in, allowing for compound collision shapes from multiple meshes, additional collisions with concave shapes, along with rigid set support for increased scalability.


Additionally, in the AMD FirePro booth at IBC 2013, attendees saw the new Extension for Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 with Stereo camera support, new functionally that enables increased productivity for AMD FirePro workstation graphics users on the Autodesk subscription. Active Stereo is available and only supported on AMD FirePro graphics cards. Artists can begin to take advantage of the new functionality for 3ds Max with AMD hardware to enable a broader set of tasks for creating exceptional content.

AU2013 Maya.jpg


At Autodesk University 2013, attendees had the opportunity to see for themselves the direct tie-in between the eye-catching visuals of next generation game consoles and the tools that create those games. We demonstrated AMD FirePro with 3ds Max with stereo support, the new Bullet Physics engine with Maya 2014, Revit 2014, and Inventor 2014 – all powered by Dell workstations and monitors.


We’re also seeing greater emphasis on CAD at the event as well. Autodesk has many requirements for real-time graphics performance. One of the newer applications that benefit from exceptional GPU performance is Autodesk VRED™ 3D which can utilise real-time lighting and rendering to offer breathtaking visual results for designers. The AMD booth demonstration offered attendees the opportunity to compare game visuals with design visual of the highest order. AMD FirePro offers users the ability to create highly realistic materials, manipulate camera settings, and move from physical to virtual prototypes in real time.


AU2013 Vred.jpg


Additionally, visitors to the AMD FirePro booth experienced Autodesk Inventor® 3D CAD, an easy-to-use set of tools for 3D mechanical design, whereby users can interact with large models while drawing, creating or visualizing.


Autodesk Revit® software, also on display at the AMD booth, combines with AMD FirePro to enable design and construction users to bring large models concepts to construction reality in a consistent model-based approach.


AU2013 Revit2.jpg


Autodesk University has always been a great opportunity for AMD to engage with creators to enable them to do more by pushing the boundaries to create, simulate and visualize the world you live in.


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