AMD has long history of leadership in the thin-client market. What makes AMD so successful in this particular embedded market?


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helps IT managers more easily manage and protect user data and applications because those resources reside on data center servers, not on employee PCs or other devices. With thin clients built around AMD embedded processers, enterprises large and small can use VDI to customize their thin client environments for various user groups and/or to release updates, all while providing a strong defense against catastrophic failure.

AMD helps provide OEMs with flexibility, time savings and reduced costs with our thin client VDI solutions. Because AMD embedded processors are low power, our solutions help reduce operating costs and power consumption, while providing durability and increased longevity* when compared with personal computers.

Low-power AMD embedded accelerated processing units (APUs) – which combine the CPU and the GPU onto a single die – help enable small and quiet solutions for a low total cost of ownership in thin-client operations utilizing VDI. AMD’s 2D and 3D graphics capabilities provide stunning visual experiences for thin clients and support up to 4 high-resolution displays** from a single highly integrated processor. What’s more, AMD APUs offer 64B Windows® and Linux® operating systems support, virtualization and remote management support, and long product lifecycles.


Cloud Computing
Enterprises and public sector entities are adopting cloud computing technologies to help reduce expenses, minimize in-house data center footprints, and improve IT efficiency and management flexibility. Embedded processors from AMD help our customers build reduced-cost, intelligent, fast, and powerful x86-based thin client solutions optimized for the cloud.

With embedded AMD processors, designers of thin client solutions for cloud applications may achieve superb high-definition graphics. Providing consistent performance with low-power and low-cost options, AMD embedded processors give enterprises, government and educational organizations, and hosting service providers the opportunity to efficiently handle the demands of deploying and running a thin client-based computing environment while remaining within budget.

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* Part availability is planned for 5 years from date of product announcement, subject to change without notice. Further support available under contract.
**Support for the 4th display requires the use of DisplayPort 1.2 multi-streaming technologies with compatible monitors and/or hubs. The number and types of supported displays may vary by board design.



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